Maths. After grade 10

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 I was in 

grade 7, going to school and 

focussing on my studies. I loved 

solving problems, which may explain 

why I am good at 

maths. After grade 

10, I was unsure what I wanted to do 

so I chose 

Maths and Physics as my 

major in college. 

I am very close to my family but 

I had to leave and move to the 

other side of the world for my 

education. I was very scared, 

especially because of the 

financial strain it would put on 

my family, but my goal drove 

me towards the UK and 

pursuing my 


I now had to make a choice on my career. Jobs 

with computers were suggested due to the pay 

and high demand. Whilst this interested me, I 

really wanted to work with 

electronics and 

communications. In the 3rd year of my 

Bachelors I got placements in two of the 


IT Multinational Corporations in 

India. I was so pleased with this as I had 

proved to myself, and the world, 

that I was worth something. 

I graduated from the 

University of East 

London, completing one of the most 

important phases of my life, and started 

searching for a job. During this time

there were changes in Visa rules, which 

made it more difficult for other 

nationalities to work in the UK. At this 

time, getting a job at 

Siemens proved 

to me that I had the confidence to 

move ahead with my life. 

AGE 12

AGE 16

AGE 21

AGE 19

I was born and bought up in 

Hanamkonda in India where I 

grew up seeing young women 

getting married who were not 

empowered, with no self-driven 

goals. Professional studies like 

Engineering and Medicine 

were meant only for men. This 

provided me with a challenge 

and inspired me, making me 

who I am today.


Anusha Gurrapu

Job Title: 

Team Leader - Siemens Mentor Graphics




secondary school I started Design and 

Technology lessons. I had a really inspiring 

teacher who encouraged me to go on 

Engineering Courses in the summer 

holidays. He introduced us to the work of 

creative people like Leonardo da Vinci and 

James Dyson. I was unsure at this point 

what I wanted to do, so I chose GCSEs that 

would leave my options open including 

Art, Design, Maths and Physics.

In the future I would like to 

continue using my creativity, 

learn about new technology 

and develop some of my own 

product ideas!

I went to 

Loughborough University 

to study Industrial Design and did a 

year in Industry with Dyson. Once I 

graduated I worked at a Design 

Consultancy where I specialised in 

Medical Product Design. Over the 

years I have worked in all aspects of 

design and even had the chance to 

work in California for a leading 

Medical Design Consultancy! I have 

continued to learn along the way, 

taking courses in 

3D CAD, Six Sigma, 

           Medical Device Regulations 


Material Selection.


I chose to do my favourite subjects at 

A levels, but I didn’t know what to do 

with them. I was told that Art and 

Physics didn’t go together, so I did a 

Morrisby test to see what career would 

suit me. It came out recommending I 

should be a Chemical Engineer, a Pilot 

or an Industrial Designer. I found that 

Industrial Design was just the thing 

for me – developing ideas and 

creatively solving technical problems.

I am now a working mum with 2 little 

boys. I am able to take the knowledge I 

have learned over the years and, as a 

consultant, work on design projects and 

advise about the tools and skills needed 

to do the job. I love to keep up to date 

with new technology and I’m excited 

about the future of Engineering 

Software, especially how it can help us 

create better products. My advice to 

anyone is to pursue the subjects they 

love and do work experience. You will 

always be best at the things you enjoy. 

AGE 12

AGE 16


AGE 21

 I grew up on a sheep farm in 


Wales. I loved to draw, be creative and 

find out how things worked – I was 

always making things and loved solving 

problems! My family are all really 

practical as well; my dad was always 

working on cars and my brother and I 

would build tree houses, swings and 

wooden go karts. 


Amy Jenkins

Job Title:

 Design Consultant

Pursue the subjects 

you love and do work 

experience. You will 

always be best at the 

things you enjoy. 

... follow your 

passions and work 

hard to make your 

dream a reality



In the future I would like to 

continue using my creativity, 

learn about new technology 

and develop some of my own 

product ideas!

 Over the years, I have been involved in 

various projects in FloMASTER, which is a 

1D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 

solution for the modelling and analysis of 

fluid mechanics in complex piping 

systems. This gave me an opportunity to 

take chances and learn, and now I’m a 

Software Engineer, Scrum Master and 

Physics Guild Leader. My advice is do 

not let others decide what job you should 

do or what your capabilities are. Take 

advice from others but, most importantly, 

follow your passions and work hard to 

make your dream a reality.

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