Mid-term on practical phonetics of english

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1- MA’RUZA, arx. zam qurilamalar., vocabulary, 500 ТЕСТ ҚАРАҚАЛПАҚ ТИЛИНДЕ, Asadov kundalik, 5-seminar, 5-seminar, Qaror, Nasilloyeva Nigina kurs ishi DMVMMdan, Midterm for Phonetics n 48682ea71a8ad7532b9e9f0bf9442fad, Midterm for Phonetics n 48682ea71a8ad7532b9e9f0bf9442fad, Texnologiya 1, linux operatsion tizimlarlari oilasi, Документ Microsoft Word


Name: __________________________________________ Group: _____________ Date: _______________

  1. Put these words into the correct columns according to the stress patterns:

amasing destruction magical astonishing discovery radiation dangereous enjoyable sympathetic decepitve Godmother telegram defenceless impossible transformation

O o o

o O o

o O o o

o o O o





II.Put these words into the correct columns.Which word has a silent ch and doesn’t fit into any column?
bunches character charity echo parachute catch machine pinch chalet children sachet yacht Christmas school mechanic moustache


[k ]

[ ʃ ]

III. Put the words from boxes A and B together to make compound adjectives to fit the definitions below and mark main stress the compound adjectives:


well - badly- self- left- minded centred handed looking

over broad- quick- good- weigh tempered behaved dressed

  1. A person who writes with their left hand is left-handed.

  2. A person who only thinks about what they want rather than what other people want is _______________________.

  3. A person who doesn’t wear neat or clean clothes is ___________________.

  4. Children who do what adults think they should do are _________________.

  5. Someone who often gets angry without having a good reason is__________________.

  6. A person who is fatter than they should be is_________________.

  7. A person who accepts behavior that some people might disapprove of _______________.

  8. If someone is attractive physically, you can say he or she is _____________.

IV. Where is the stress in words ending in -ion and transcribe them:
1. profession 7. promotion

2. instruction 8. fashion

3. conclusion 9. occupation 4.question 10. completion 5.emotion 11. solution 6.option 12. communication
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