Mission San Francisco de Solano a california mission located in the town of Sonoma

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Mission San Francisco de Solano

  • A California mission located in the town of Sonoma

  • By Gianna

Table of contents

  • Location

  • People of the mission

  • Daily life on the mission

  • Hardship

  • Conclusion

  • Interesting

  • Bibliograduy

Father Sera

    • Mission san Francisco de Sloan was founded in July 4,1825 by Farther Jose. It was used from1823 to 1970, and it was the last mission.

Mission san Francisco Sloan was loctied near the main part of Soma.


  • Fray Serra was born November 17,1713 and he died in1784. Fray Serra was the one in charge of starting many of the missions.

Native American People

  • The men would fish for salmon. They would also look for acorns. The women would teach the children how to weed baskets. The children would wash clothes in the water.

Daily Life

  • When the people died at the mission the Indians would work in the fields.

  • The bells at the mission would tell the Indians when it was time to wake, eat, work, or sleep.


  • Their life was hard because they had to cut down trees and prepare the soil so they could plant trees.


  • My conclusion is that mission san Francisco de Solano is a Christian church.

Interesting facts

  • I thought that it was interesting that my mission was the last mission built.


  • This power point information from the following resources:

  • Draper, Allison. Mission San Francisco de Solano. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, 2000

  • Lyhgheim Lima. The Indians and the California Missions. Van Nuys: Langtry Publications 1984.


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  • By Gianna

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