Missoula design review board la Quinta Inn 5059 N. Reserve Street

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MISSOULA DESIGN REVIEW BOARD La Quinta Inn 5059 N. Reserve Street

Sign Package Request

Sign Package Request

Sign Package Request

Area Board Cases

  • 4951-4953 N. Reserve (Econo Lodge)

  • DRB 1991

  • Sign Package for 4B’s Restaurant and 4B’s Inn

  • 4B’s Inn became America’s Best Inn and then Econo Lodge and has kept the same package. Changes have been authorized as copy change

  • BOA 2008

  • Special Exception for Off-Premise sign for Econo Lodge

Area Board Cases

  • 5055 N. Reserve (Deano’s)

  • County BOA 1976

  • 80-ft high ground sign

  • City BOA 1987

  • Allowed to keep sign until 1990 when non-conforming signs are supposed to come into compliance with City Ordinance

  • City BOA 1991

  • Variance to keep non-conforming sign in perpetuity. Approval of additional ground signs on property.

  • DRB 1995

  • Sign package for site that includes some of previously approved signs by BOA

  • City BOA 1997

  • Special Exception for Off-Premise sign after Boundary Line relocation between Deano’s site and hotel

Area Board Cases

  • 5059 N. Reserve (Then Microtel Hotel)

  • City BOA 2001 and 2005

  • DENIED Special Exceptions for Off-Premise sign, to advertise on 80-ft high sign at Deano’s.

Sign Package Request


  • One double pole sign, NW corner of N. Reserve and Michael St.,198 sq ft, 24 ft high, internally illuminated. Existing and to remain unchanged.

Sign Package Request


  • (All internally illuminated)

  • South Elevation (existing)

  • “La Quinta Inn”, 60 sq ft, 19 ft high,

Sign Package Request

Sign Package Request

Other Relevant Findings

  • There are no height limitations for a commercial building in the C-II zoning district

  • The sign package as proposed does not blink

  • There are Highway Department signs on Exit 101 announcing the Hotel location near the exit.

  • There are signs in the nearby properties previously approved by various Boards that exceed the ordinance size and height limits

  • The proposed signs and towers are made part of the building

  • Trees along Grant Creek to the north and west. No important views blocked by the building or proposed signs

  • The site requires signage to identify the businesses in the property.

  • There is only one ground sign that advertises the hotel.


  • The proposed sign package is appropriate in scale and design to the structure, the street and road frontage, the size of the parcel, the land use, and the area zoning districts.

  • Public safety will not be adversely affected by the proposed sign package as conditioned.

  • The proposed signs will not constitute a direct danger to pedestrians or property and will not interfere with vehicular or pedestrian movement or create additional distractions.

  • The sign package will not impinge on the rights of the citizens of Missoula to enjoy its natural scenic beauty.

  • The proposed sign package will not give the tenant an unfair identification/advertising advantage nor cause a conflict with local and state regulatory signage or devices

Staff’s Recommended Motion

Staff’s Recommended Conditions

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