Mmc-64. 1 About business Franchising

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Nazirkhanova H. MMC-64.

8.1 About business Franchising.

Ex 1.

1. Formal permission given by a company to Subway who wants to sell its goods or services in a particular area.

2. Almost every business such as restaurant, hotel businesses.

3. Franchise could offee the same service but couldn't sign special uniform the menu and so forth.

Ex 2.

1. the CEO of Subway who opened the restaurant there.

2. Less than 10000$.

3. in Connecticut.

4. 86.

Ex 3.

1. False. 5. True.

2. True. 6. False.

3. False. 7. True.

4. False.

Ex 4.

1-b. Rapidly – very quickly.

2-c. Phenomenal ­– extra ordinary.

3-d. Furniture and fittings – equipment or fixtures.

4-a. Outlet – a shop or store that sells goods to the public.

5-g. Abroad – in a foreign country.

6-h. Consider – think about.

7-f. Subsidiary – a business which is owned by another company.

8-e. Turnover – income or revenue.
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