Molecular regulation of flower size by med25 and bzr1 genes in Arabidopsis

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M.M.Axadova, X.Ruziboev, F.N.Kushanov, H.Y.Azizov, Z.Abdukulov, A.A. Matkarimova and U.M.Shapulatov

Molecular regulation of flower size by MED25 and BZR1 genes in Arabidopsis

The MED25 (Mediator complex subunit 25), which is one of the subunit at the tail of Mediator complex, has a lot of functions including plant growth, development and stress responses [1]. This gene function has usually been involved at the downstream of PHYB in flowering time regulation to induce flowering [2]. In addition, MED25 not only can regulate the flowering time in CO dependent way (which is a competition gene to PHYB in flowering time regulation), it also can regulate the flowering time in an independent pathway [3]. The med25 mutant has previously been characterized for its increased floral organ size [4]. In contrast, overexpression of MED25ox line showed smaller size and a bit early flowered. It means, the MED25 has involved with limiting the cell growth, in results a decreased the organ size. Similarly, a larger floral organ was noted for the bzr1-1D gain of function mutant, but this has not been quantified yet.

Current question was addressed on the relationship between MED25 and BZR1 genes related size of floral organs which to indentify whether independent or dependent in this molecular pathway. Here, we compared the floral organ size on the single and double mutant of MED25 and BZR1 plants.

For that we have collected both med25 and bzr1-1D mutants and obtained a double mutant genotype by crossing (Table -1).

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