Monmouth County and 40 Towns Embark on Smart Growth Regional Planning

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Monmouth County and 40 Towns Embark 

on Smart Growth Regional Planning




Commissioner Levin Announces Smart Future Initiative  

Support for the Monmouth County Shore Regional Strategic Plan 


 In a continuing effort to provide funds in support of regional planning for Governor 

McGreevey’s Smart Growth initiative, Department of Community Affairs Commiss

ioner Susan Bass Levin 

today made a Smart Future Planning Grants announcement for the Monmouth County Shore Regional 

Strategic Plan. The grants will support the county and 40 municipalities in their regional smart growth 

initiatives. The announcement was made at the Belmar Train Station. 

“Governor McGreevey recognized, in his State of the State address, that regional planning is integral to 

solving the problems of sprawl and overdevelopment in our State,” Commissioner Levin said. “If we are to 

preserve our quality of life in New Jersey, we must work together to cooperatively and comprehensively 

manage growth. Smart Future grants make that possible.”


Along with Monmouth County, the towns benefiting from the Smart Future Planning Grants include 

Aberdeen, Allenhurst, Asbury Park, Atlantic Highlands, Avon By the Sea, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Brielle, 

Deal, Eatontown, Fair Haven, Hazlet, Highlands, Interlaken, Keansburg, Keyport, Little Silver, Loch 

Arbour, Long Branch, Manasquan, Matawan, Middletown, Monmouth Beach, Neptune City, Neptune 

Township, Ocean, Oceanport, Red Bank, Rumson, Sea Bright, Sea Girt, Shrewsbury Borough, 

Shrewsbury Township, South Belmar, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Tinton Falls , Union Beach, Wall 

Township and West Long Branch.  

Monmouth County Smart Future Planning Grants 

Last month, Commissioner Levin awarded an $87,000 Smart Future Planning Grant to Neptune Township 

and Asbury Park City, also in Monmouth County. This was the first inter-municipal grant to be awarded as 

part of 

the State’s Smart Future Initiative. The collaborative proposal is for the redevelopment of West 

Lake and Springwood Avenues.  

“Monmouth County truly serves as a microcosm of New Jersey’s regional Smart Growth efforts,” 

Commissioner Levin added. “The Count

y and the overwhelming number of towns serve to show the 

region’s dedication to working together to make the area the best it can be for generations to come. 

That’s what Smart Growth is all about.”


New Jersey’s Smart Future Initiative is funded through DCA’s Office of Smart Growth. Smart Future 

provides county and municipal planners access to state experts from DCA, the Department of 

Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Department of Transportation (DOT), as well as funds to work 

with outside consultants with specialized expertise. 


Left to right in photo: 

Councilwoman June Atkins, Commissioner Susan 

Bass- Levin, Mayor John J. Merla, Jeffery Fink, 

KBA President 

Photo courtesy of DCA 

BELMAR, NJ: On the Belmar 

Train Station platform, DCA 

Commissioner Susan Bass Levin 

announces Smart Future 

Planning Grants that will benefit 

Monmouth County and 40 towns, 

including Keyport, in their regional 

Smart Growth initiatives. Keyport 

will receive $82,000 to study the 

downtown waterfront 

redevelopment plan. 

Smart Future Planning Grants are 

awarded through the Smart 

Future Initiative, which provides 

county and municipal planners 

access to state experts from 

DCA, the Department of 

Environmental Protection (DEP) 

and the Department of 

Transportation, as well as funds 

to work with outside consultants 

with specialized expertise 


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