Mount Massive Fourteener # 40 June 20, 1959

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Mount Massive

  • Fourteener # 40

  • June 20, 1959

  • 5 hours up, 3.5 hours return

Liz Gittings on Massive Ridge

Summit of Massive – Taylor, Schott, Bubernak, Gittings

Elbert from Massive Summit

Dean Taylor Glissade from Massive Summit


  • Fourteener # 41

  • June 29, 1959

  • 8 hours up, 4 hours return

Pyramid from South Maroon Ridge

Pyramid from North Maroon Summit

Pyramid from Amphitheater

Saddle on Ridge to Pyramid Peak

Dean Taylor

Pyramid Face

Maroon Bells from Summit

Pyramid Summit

Castle from Pyramid Summit

Snowmass from Pyramid Summit

Gary Schott repelling off Face

Pyramid from Saddle into Amphitheater

Looking up at Maroon Bells from Pyramid Saddle


  • Fourteener # 42

  • July 12, 1959

  • 3 hours up, 1.5 hours return

  • Later taken off Fourteener list which was too bad because it has one of the best and longest Scree Slopes of any Colorado mountain to descend.

Route up Grizzly

Grizzly Summit Looking toward Independence Pass

Looking toward Aspen from Grizzly Summit

La Plata from Grizzly Summit

Gary Schott and Dean Taylor


  • Fourteener # 43

  • July 19, 1959

  • 5.5 hours up, 3 hours return

  • September 21, 1992

  • 5 hours up, 3 hours return


Chuck Crawford, Don Bunker, Joe Bubernak

La Plata from Elbert Summit

Mount Massive from Elbert Summit

Twin Lakes

Don Bunker, Joe Bubernak, Chuck Crawford On Summit out of Wind

Charles Mader and Ed Williamson – 9/21/1992 on Elbert Summit

Bob Cowan and Ed Williamson on Elbert Summit 9/21/1992


  • Fourteener # 44

  • July 20, 1959

  • 6 hours up, 3 hours return

Columbia – Harvard Ridge


Lake Near Harvard from Columbia Summit

Dean Taylor on Columbia Summit

The Apostles from Columbia Summit

Harvard from Columbia Summit

Buena Vista from Columbia Summit

Don Bunker and Joe Bubernak

Columbia Summit

El Diente and Mt. Wilson

  • Fourteeners # 45 and 46

  • July 27, 1959

  • 5 mile backpack to Navajo Lake

  • 3.5 hr to El Diente, 2 hr to Mt Wilson

  • via El Diente-Mt Wilson Ridge

  • Led by George Bell

  • Los Alamos Mountaineers Trip with

  • only Charles Mader and George Bell

  • climbing.

Mount Wilson from El Diente gully

Lone Cone from El Diente Summit

Navajo Lake from El Diente Summit

El Diente from Ridge

El Diente from Ridge to Mount Wilson

View of Ridge to El Diente from Mt Wilson Summit

George Bell on Mount Wilson Summit

George Bell considered climbing the Colorado 14 foot peaks to be very much something only for “Wimps”. Only Himalayan climbs and high risk rock climbs without belays were “mountaineering”. On the El Diente to Mount Wilson ridge climb the only conversation was Bell asking “Do you STILL want to stay roped” and Mader saying “Yes”. When we got off the mountain to a stream he took off his boots and proudly showed his missing toes from being frozen on KT22.

Wilson Peak from Mount Wilson Summit

Mount Garfield from Mount Wilson Summit

Navajo Lake from Mount Wilson Summit

Descent Route off Mount Wilson

Navajo Lake

Wilson Peak

  • Fourteener # 47

  • August 2, 1959

  • 2.5 hr up, 1.5 hr return

  • from old mine road

Wilson Peak from summit of El Diente

Wilson Peak from Silver Pick Mine Campsite

Lizard Head from Wilson Peak Summit

Joe Bubernak and Don Bunker on Summit of Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson and El Diente from Wilson Peak Summit

Wilson Peak

Silver Pick Mine from Wilson Peak Summit

Lone Cone from Wilson Peak Summit


  • Fourteener # 48

  • August 16, 1959

  • August 10, 2000

  • 3 hrs up, 2 hr down on 70th Birthday

Humboldt from Crestone Needle

Crestone Needle - Crestone Peak from Humboldt

View North from Humboldt

Crestone Needles from top of Humboldt taken on 70th birthday of Charles Mader

Crestone Needle and Peak

  • Fourteeners # 49 and 50

  • August 16, 1959

  • 3 hrs to Needle, 3.5 hr to Peak via

  • Needle to Peak Ridge

  • Climbed Crestone Needle again the next

  • day to rescue climbers stuck on Arrete

Crestone Needle

Crestone Needle Crestone Peak

Trail and Saddle from Top Crestone Needle

View South toward Sand Dunes and Blanca

Crestone Peak from Needle Summit

Needle – Repelled down

Looking back to Peak from Red Gully

Red Gully – Descent route off Creston Peak Dean Taylor and Don Bunker at bottom

Views from saddle at bottom of Red Gulley

Picture taken of Charles Mader on top of Crestone Needle the next afternoon after the Needle to Peak climb by climber rescued after having lost their rope on climb of Ellingwood Arete and stranded overnight 500 ft below summit

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