My favorite time is summer. My occupation is a teacher

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Task 1.

  1. My favorite time is summer.

  2. My occupation is a teacher.

  3. I am keen on reading.

  4. I love eating barbeque.

  5. I like to prepare breakfast. 2 min

Task 2.

  1. It is sunny and warm.

  2. I like watching podcasts.

  3. My favorite color is blue.

  4. Library is the best place.

  5. I really love summer. 2,5 min

Task 3.

I am really interested in learning the courses on Monday,Wednesday, Friday and if it possible after 4:00 p.m. It would be great chance for me if I learn languages like English, Arabian and Spanish languages. I am a big fan of languages. 5 min

Task 4.

  1. It is Sherlock Holms.

  2. I like football.

  3. I watch in the evenings.

  4. I always have reading lessons.

  5. I observe famous people's life. 3 min

Task 4.

I rarely have free time,because I have much work to do during the day. However, I love watching football matches and sometimes mystery films. Nowadays I am reading a detective novel "Sherlock Holmes" by Arthur Conon Doyle. It is an interesting mystery novel which I have ever read. 6 min

Home assignments. 1

  1. It is cold and windy.

  2. I really like August.

  3. My lovely day is Friday.

  4. It is "Sherlock Holmes"

  5. My favorite city is Rome. 3 min

Task 2.
I am interested in gym classes. I reckon that Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be good time for my classes. I am a worker that's why I do not have much time for my leisure activities,but if I have a suitable schedule, I will surely attend them in order to be in shape and keeping fit. 6 min

Task 3.

  1. I have two sons.

  2. I am from Uzbekistan.

  3. I live in Tashkent.

  4. I am married.

  5. I am an English teacher. 3 min.

Task 4.
My name is Maktuba. I have an extended family. I live with my two sons,husband and my mother-in-low,father-in-low. I work for a big company. We have moved here by my work. Additionally, we are looking a flat for renting. It will be great opportunity for us if our flat locates closely to my work and of course to my sons' school,because I can not to drive so long. Last one, we need two bathroom and bedroom, one for my me and my husband, another one for my father and mother-in-low, in turn a study for my children.
Download 9.65 Kb.

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