My friend and I to the school at the moment.

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3-Amaliy ish boyicha korsatma, Bekchanova Shahnoza mustaqil ish (NM), Ko‘p o‘zgaruvchili funksiyaning limiti, uzluksizligi. Funksiyani, 023-19 SKIo‘ “HAYOT FAOLIYATI XAVFSIZLIGI” FANIDAN MUSTAQIL ISH MAVZULARI, 023-19 SKIo‘ “HAYOT FAOLIYATI XAVFSIZLIGI” FANIDAN MUSTAQIL ISH MAVZULARI, YWENSEXhZRlTtXNEkQfwe3nvnYZZ9eNKlaYn5cIZ



  1. My friend and I ……… to the school at the moment.( at the moment-Hozirda)

  1. are going B. am going C.go

  1. She ___ ____ the meal (ovqat) evey day.

  1. Have cooked B. Has cooked C. cooks

  1. Children ___ ____ the glass yesterday.

  1. Broke B. was broken C. are breaking

  1. They usually ___ to the pak every Sunday (every sunday- Har yaksanba)

A . go B. Goes C. Going

  1. ___ you ___ football with your friend 2 days ago ?

A . do/play B. did/play C. has /play

  1. She ___ ____ in the yard with a child. (In the yard – hovlida )

  1. Is play B. Plays playing

  1. Lola __ ____ the bedroom every afternoon.

A . Were cleaned B. Are cleaning C. cleans

  1. He __ ____ his hometask yesterday.

A . don’t do B. didn’t do C. is not finished

  1. I __ __ the letter to my classmate right now . ( Right now – ayni vaqtda= at the moment

A . was writing B. am writing C. is write

  1. When __ you usually ____ in the morning? ( Usually- odatda)

A . Did / got up B. Do/get up C. Do/ got up

  1. The flag is white with five circles. What do the circles represent?

Give the full answer.


  1. What is the motto of the Olympics?


  1. Translate the word from English into Uzbek. Torch/ Motto/ Ceremony/ Burn.


  1. How many medals did Uzbek Athletics win in III Summer Youth Olympic Games in Argentina?


  1. Translate the sentence from Uzbek into English. Men hozir musiqa tinglayapman.


  1. Write five adjectives you know.

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