My future goals and brief description of the reasons why I have decided to apply for this university

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Motivation letter
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My future goals and brief description of the reasons why I have decided to apply for this university
Nowadays, we are living in a developing country where all fields are improving day by day. The government is taking an attention to them, especially to an education. A huge amount of money is being directed into this field so as to improve its quality and provide all demands as possible. For example, many libraries, schools, kindergartens are being built in many regions of our country. All these serve as a basis of a successful education for young generation. Moreover, one of the best things is sharing contacts with other countries to make a partnership in this field. Now, youngsters can take different certificates via exams. By means of these, they can apply for not only local universities, but also for foreign ones. I know many such youngsters and I dream about this.
Since my childhood, I am very interested in studying abroad and I dreamt about it. In these universities there is a good friendly atmosphere. Students and teachers are very supportive and cooperative. They help and support each other. Because they always work as a team which urges a person to work on themselves. Furthermore, I like sitting on the grass with my mates and doing interesting activities like reading books, making conversations about different educational topics. I think this develops our friendship. In this university there are such opportunities. When I went there first time, I saw the whole building and I felt the atmosphere I told above. Exactly this added a new willing to study there.
It is obvious that the economy of a country is always significant as it serves as a foundation for many other spheres, because without finances and capital it is hard to raise a good idea up to a reality. The strength of economy not only supports the development of the country or the government itself, but also improves the life of people living inside it by providing with good living conditions, competent infrastructure and satisfying human demands.
At the moment, our country Uzbekistan is in the process of development and it is adopting its former Soviet style planned economy into the market economy. Since its independence Uzbekistan has accomplished significant amount of achievements but we have to admit that compering with others its economy is weaker. It is necessary to speed up the process of growth as the world nowadays is evolving day by day to new levels. In order to achieve this goal, we need to take an example of the systems of world’s economically developed countries. One of the reasons why I have decided to participate in this university to understand how these countries, the USA particularly, manage and control their economy and how they have been able to reach this steady growth, to study their model of market economy and to compare them with Uzbekistan’s further development potential.
At the end of this letter I must say that the most exciting thing for me about this university is that it gives us the opportunity to get to know with American culture and people and at its turn to introduce Uzbekistan and its custom to those people. This is very important because it leads to cultural understanding and friendship between two nations. Another such thing is that I will get the chance of learning academic English language more deeply.
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