My hobbies Plan Our free time. Me and the world of my interests

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My hobbies


1. Our free time.

2. Me and the world of my interests.

3. A favorite pastime of many.

My hobbies always give me joy and pleasure. I can spend a lot of time on my hobbies. But I always try to distribute everything wisely. No wonder they say everything has its time. Our lives are woven from hours, minutes and seconds. Truly a priceless treasure! We don’t always know how to manage this wealth with business. We don’t always think about how we spend our free time. Free time for a person should be a celebration of the soul, and a celebration of the spirit includes any hobby.

A hobby is a hobby that a person takes from childhood. It can appear at any age, but it is best from childhood. We all do certain things according to our interests, which are called hobbies that bring us joy and happiness.

My favorite hobby is watching TV. In my spare time I love watching TV. Watching TV is my favorite hobby, but it never interferes with my reading. I prefer to do my homework first and then watch TV. I think my hobby is good because watching TV provides good knowledge in many areas.

What about my hobbies? These are probably the things I enjoy doing most in my spare time from class and homework. It’s different for everyone, for example, my mom loves to make salads, my dad loves to go fishing and hunting. This is their hobby.

I have a lot of hobbies. I love reading, I love cycling, and I really like the story. But my main hobby is drawing, I started painting as a child. My mom and dad would give me sensitive colored pencils of different colors, colored pencils, and beautiful, snow-white paper to draw on.

Hobbies vary according to different tastes. If you choose a hobby based on your character and taste, you will not be lucky because your life will be more interesting. The hobby is divided into four broad classes: doing things, producing things, collecting things, and learning. The most popular hobby group is to do these things.

Everyone has their own hobbies and has free time to do what we love best. I also have a hobby. Since I am a student, I don’t have much time for my days at the institute.

Many have hobbies. They make our lives more interesting, and their free time is a hobby of people. Everyone chooses a hobby depending on their character and taste. Some listen to music, others like to read books. Some people like to collect stamps, coins, or badges, while others prefer to do landscaping or hiking or taking pictures.

Life is organized in such a way that everyone has an interest and ability to do something. Someone knows how to draw well, someone collects stamps and unique coins, someone loves fishing and hunting.

For all of them, it will be better than others because, as they say, the heart lies with them.

I think the world is full of different activities and hobbies for people. Many of them are very common and widespread, such as fishing, reading and drawing. But there are also unusual and exotic things, such as the search for strangers, the big foot, the discovery of the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle

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