My hometown is Chimbay

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My hometown is Chimbay

Chimbay is very beautiful and biggest city. I was born in this city

It is a location of chimbay

In my city there is clean and quiet,but there is have a eco problems.In my hometown has got a lot of interesting places


It is a park named after I.Yusupov.There is have a lot of attractions.There is not very big,but very interesting in summer

My hometown has got o lot of rivers.We go swimming and fishing and there is have a lot of people,schools,colledges and very interesting places

Chimbay is a district of Karakalpakstan.The capital lies at Chimbay.In my hometown was born a writer I.Yusupov.

Villages in Chimbay
  • Ayteke
  • Baxitli
  • Qamis ariq
  • Kenges
  • Koksu
  • Kos terek
  • Kizil ozek
  • May jap
  • I.Yusupov

It is a monument of Omirbek Laqqi in chimbay

■the discrict has consumer servisec,cotton ginning,oil,brick,building materials factories

■There are 9 companies and more than 570 farms in Chimbay discrict.Private farms in the discrict in the discrict raise cattle,goats,cows,poultry and horses

●in the discrict has the pedagogical college,general educational schools,Karakalpak agricultural research institute operate

●6 libraries,hospitals and clinics serve the population

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