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I study at the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry. I am the second year student. My Faculty is Technology of textile industry. My specialty is the specialist of certification of textile industry goods. After the independence of Uzbekistan we need high qualified and educated specialists for developing the textile industry and the quality of produced textile goods. It is one of the young specialists at our institute. It is also is one of the very important branches of our economy. Specialist are trained qualified and had practiced at the industrial and quality research centers of textile industry goods. Besides these they learn the quality and properties of every textile and even from man-made or natural fabrics till ready made garments. At quality control centers students learn how to use quality control testing machineries and equipments. They test properties of textiles in all modern quality testing equipments for harmful and useful sides of textiles to the health of people.

As a specialist we always control and support the quality of textile products. That’s why we must learn a lot and deeply technical and specialty subjects.

In the future we will become professional specialist of our country and to add my contribution into the development of Uzbekistan.
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