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Some people consider all their working days to be extremely monotonous. As regards me I don’t share their opinion. I think we can always find something new and interesting if we have some fresh approach to a familiar scene.

On week day the alarm clock wakes me up at half past 6 o’clock and my working day starts. To tell the truth I’m not an early riser, that’s why it’s so hard for me to get out of bed. Then I switch my tape-recorder and do my morning exercises. After them I feel cheerful and more organized in my daily activities.

While having breakfast I listen to the latest news. To tell the truth I have a sweet tooth that is why I never miss a chance to eat something tasty. At last I’m ready for school. As a rule it takes me ten minutes to get there. Our lessons begin when the bell rings at 8 o’clock. As a rule we have six lessons a day.

At the end of the school day I’m so tired that it is always a great pleasure for me to return back home. After dinner I have a short rest and then start doing my homework. It’s quite clear for me that it is not easy for me to make myself sit down at the table especially when the weather is fine. But I try to devote much time to my studying remembering that my diligent work and addi-tional exercises will help me to succeed in future. As it is said “Business before pleasure”. It takes me about three hours to cope with my hometask. In the evening I do whatever I wish: watch TV, read books, listen to music. And , surely, I always try to help my mother with the house-hold, for example, to wash dishes, to sweep the floor etc. After it I’m so tired that I fall asleep at once.
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