Name of ngo : Vagad Vikas Sansthan, 3/108, Rati Talai, Banswara (Raj.)

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Name of NGO : Vagad Vikas Sansthan, 3/108, Rati Talai, Banswara (Raj.)

  • Name of NGO : Vagad Vikas Sansthan, 3/108, Rati Talai, Banswara (Raj.)

  • Registration No: 19/BSW/1996-97

  • Name of Chief Functionary : Avdhesh Malot, Secretary. N.R. Shahlot, Project Director

  • Address : 3/108, Rati Talai, Banswara

  • Contact No. : 9414103139, 9887144675

  • Phone with STD Co. : 02962-244781, 245886

  • E-mail

  • Number of Staff : 30 (Thirty)

Principal area of interest/work

  • Principal area of interest/work

  • 1. prevention, care & treatment of HIV/AIDS.

  • 2. Reproductive and Child health

  • 3. Health Trainings.

  • 4. Providing Medical facilities at the door step of villagers – Mobile Medical Unit

  • 5. Environment awareness.

  • 6. IEC activities

  • 7. Capacity Building for development Projects.

Districts where NGO is Functional

  • Districts where NGO is Functional

  • 1. Banswara

  • 2. Dungarpur

  • Districts where NGO is desirous of working for PCPNDT and save the Girl Child

  • 1. Banswara

  • 2. Dungarpur


IEC Activities

  • Hoarding Display

  • Number & size - 4, 10’x10’

  • Two Hoardings eact are proposed to be displayed in Banswara & Dungarpur district i.e. four hoarding in total.

  • If the sites are made available free by district Admn/Municipality and hoarding structure including the display is put by NGO then the expenditure will be

  • Unit Expenditure per unit Total Expe.

  • 4 20,000 80,000

  • It sites and structure is taken on rent for a period of one year from advertising agency then the expenditure will be

  • Rant for 4 sites @ 1000/- Pm will be Rs. 4000 Pm

  • Rant for 4 sites Per Year 4000X12= 48000/-

  • Or

  • for 4 sites for one year @ i.e. 12,000/- Pm will be Rs. 48,000/-

  • Flexi hoarding

  • Banner – Rs. 2,000/- per banner 4x2,000 8,000/-

  • 56,000/-


  • Posters

  • Ten thousand posters at a cost of 4x10000 = Rs. 40,000/- will be got printed and distributed to Aanganwadis, Hospitals, Sub centers, School etc. for Display

  • Expected Outcome :

  • People get the message.

  • Monitoring indicator :

  • Physical verification of Display can be done. The NGO will talk to regular users of the road on which display is done to know if the message has been received.

Birth Registration :

  • Birth Registration :

  • Two Panchayats in each district i.e. four panchayats will be covered. One field worker for each panchayat will be recruited i.e. total four field workers. Each worker will be paid Rs. 1000 pm i.e. total Rs. 4000 pm. The yearly expenditure will be 4x12000= 48000/-

  • Expected out come:

  • The field worker under the supervision of NGO will ensure

  • 1. Registration of all pregnant women

  • 2. Registration of all the birth at places other then hospital or institutional deliveries

  • Monitoring Indicator:

  • No of Registration of pregnant women before twelve months and after twelve months.

  • No of birth registration at panchyat

Tracking of Pregnancies

  • Tracking of Pregnancies

  • The 4 field worker will be paid Rs. 500 Pm for tracking of pregnancies. For four field workers expenditure per year will be 500x12x4 = 24,000/-

  • Expected outcome:

  • It will be ensured that pregnant women, their registration and deliveries match and discrepancies are taken up to know the ground reality of abortions, medical terminations etc.

  • Monitoring indicator:

  • NO. of pregnancies registered and no of deliveries .

Medical audit of clinics registered under PCPNDT Act.

  • Medical audit of clinics registered under PCPNDT Act.

  • We have two full time Doctors in Mobile Medical Unit who can do this work.

  • Each Doctor can under take 4 audits in a year i.e. 8 audit in a year by two doctors

  • Honorarium for one audit will be Rs. 3000/-

  • and Expenditure per year Rs. 3000 X 8 = 24000/

  • Expected out come :

  • The sonography centre will be cautious to follow the provisions of Act.

  • Monitoring indicator :

  • Number of audits done in a year

Follow up of ongoing Court cases for violation of PCPNDT Act

  • Follow up of ongoing Court cases for violation of PCPNDT Act

  • Free Services of Advocate will be provided by our NGO.

  • Expected out come :

  • Cases will be represented properly .

  • Monitoring Indicator :

  • Convictions by court.

Pining down Malpracticing clinics / Doctors using decoy Customers.

  • Pining down Malpracticing clinics / Doctors using decoy Customers.

  • NGO will not involve in this activity

Orientation/sensitization workshops for

  • Orientation/sensitization workshops for

  • (A) Professionals :

  • Two Workshops in a year of one day duration having 50 participates.

  • Expected Expenditure. Rs. 15000/- for one workshop

  • Total Expenditure 15000x2 = 30,000/-

  • (B) Public :

  • One workshop in each block of two district - total 14 workshops of one day duration having 50 participants. Expenditure per workshop Rs. 15000/- Total Expenditure Rs. 15000x14= 210000/-

  • (C) Judiciary :

  • One workshop in a year of one day duration having 50 participates from bar and judiciary . Expected Expenditure Rs. 15000x1= 150000

Convening of 2 workshops

  • Convening of 2 workshops

  • These workshops will be for GOVT officials, GOVT Employees & Public representatives

  • Expenditure per workshop will be Rs. 30000/-

  • Total Expenditure Rs. 30000x2 = 60000/-

  • Expected out come : Workshop are for awareness and sensitization. Suggestions will be invited to make the Act. and campaign more effective

  • Monitoring Indicator : A questionnaire to know the usefulness and effectiveness will be circulated at the end of every workshop. The filled in questionnaire will be analyzed.

Participation in District Level Meetings Convened by appropriate authority

  • Participation in District Level Meetings Convened by appropriate authority

  • The NGO is willing and no cost will be charged.

Other Activities

  • Other Activities

  • (I) Health Education :- Vagad Vikas Sansthan is presently running a Mobile Medical Unit wherein 15 camps are organized every month i.e. 180 camps in one year.

  • one health educator will be appointed for IEC, counseling and publicity of PCPNDT Act. among the patients and general public attending these camps.

  • The health educator will be paid Rs. 3000/- Pm Expenditure per month will be Rs. 3000x 12 = 36,000/-

  • (II) Distributions of 1000 T- Shirts having ‘save the Girl Child’ Message and logo Expected Expenditure Rs. 100 x 1000 = 10000/-

  • (III) Publication of stories of parents having daughters only.

  • TOI has done it. Efforts will be made to rope in leading news paper to under take this task with the assistance of NGO. A fund of Rs. 25000/- Per Year can be allotted for this work

  • (IV) Rallies on health related days – four rallies in a year. The expenditure will be Rs. 10,000x4 = 40,000/-

Marathon/Human Chain

  • Marathon/Human Chain

  • A Marathon will be organized in which general public, students & officials will be invited to participate. The marathon will pass through city roads. The participants will wear the T-shirt with ‘save the Girl Child’ logo.

  • Expected Expenditure:

  • Snacks for 1000 participates Rs. 10 X 1000= 10000/- Banner etc.: 1000/-

  • Total 11000/-

  • Monitoring Indicator: Participation & support of General Public

Cycle Tour

  • Cycle Tour

  • 1. From Banswara to Dungarpur

  • 2. From Dungarpur to Banswara

  • 10 Cyclists will propagate the message in cycle tour from each district - total 20 cyclists will participate. They will take meetings in villages of their night stay to create awareness about Gender Sensitivity, Save the Girl Child, education of Girls, PCPNDT Act.& General health.

  • The tour will be completed in 7 days.

  • Expected Expenditure : 10000/-

  • Monitoring Indicator: Number of meetings & participants.


  • Thanks

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