Name: Pirimqulova Gulyora date: 11. 05. 20

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NAME:Pirimqulova Gulyora DATE: 11.05.20

QUESTIONS ABOUT YOU for students without a job JOBS and WORK Write short answers to the questions below. (Use the back of this paper if you need more space.)

  1. What kind of job do you want to have?

I want to be a teacher.

  1. Why do you want this kind of job?

Because I like teaching students what they don’t know.

  1. How much salary can you get from this job?

I think I get enough money for my family exspenses.

  1. Do you think this kind of job is easy to do? Why? / Why not?

It’s not easy. Because the responsibility of this professon is great.

  1. Do you know anyone with this kind of job? If ‘yes’, who?

I was born into a family of teachers.

  1. Is this kind of job dangerous? Why? / Why not?

Dangerous in a sense. Because the bright future of a team of good teachers is the crisis of a team of bad teachers.

  1. What do you need to study to get this job?

There is no science unrelated to the teaching profession. I think all of this needs to be read and studied carefully.

  1. Will it be easy to find this kind of job? Why? / Why not?

In our country, special attention is paid to this. There are always jobs available for teachers. That’s enough if you sincerely want to.

  1. Do any of your classmates also want this kind of job? If ‘yes’, who?

Ninety percent of my acquaintances are prospective teachers.

  1. If you can’t get this job, what other job are you interested in?

I can’t imagine myself in a profession other than teaching.
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