Nanomaterials: Applications

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International Conference on

Nanomaterials: Applications

and Properties (NAP-2011)

First announcement

27-30 September, 2011

Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine

Web-site: (


NAP conference, Sumy State University

2, Rimsky-Korsakov Street, Sumy, 40007,


Fax: +38054233-40-58

Prof. Alexander D. Pogrebnjak


Phone: +380686529647

Ass. Prof. Taras Lyutyy


Phone: +380669379149

Dr. Volodymyr Kosyak



The accommodation for the participants will

be Ukoopspilka Hotel

Sumy State



University of



University of


Karazin Kharkiv

National University

Accommodation price is:  55 Euro-Single

room, 30 Euro - Junior Suite

Hotel payments can be made on arrival.

The Conference will be held in Alushta (Алушта) , on

the Crimeansouthern shore with a Mediterranian

climate, the main resort and tourist area of Ukraine.

Like the majority of Crimean settlements, Alushta is a

very ancient town. Alushta city (Aluston fortress) was

founded in the 6th century by the order of Emperor

Justinian. The Alushta city area is notable for its rocky

terrain. There are also remains of a Byzantine castle

tower and a Genoese fortress of 15th century.

Citizens of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, USA, Canada,

Japan, Georgia, and the countries of the former USSR

(except Turkmenistan) can enter Ukraine without visa.

Everyone else needs a visa from Ukrainian embassy or

consulate before traveling. Contact information of the

Ukrainian embassy can be found here:

Alushta is located on the Crimean Peninsula, only 45 km

(28 miles) south-east of Simferopol

Simferopol International airport

Boryspil (Kiev) International airport

Also  Ukraine has good train and bus connection with

EU and former USSR country

Alushta transportation is limited to taxies and buses.

If you will be traveling to Alushta from outside of

Crimea, your best bet is to take a train or a plane to

Simferopol, then catch a taxi, bus or trolleybus to your

final destination in Alushta. An exception to this rule

are Ukraine's private charter bus companies which

have bus routes from Kiev directly to Alushta.

Ministry of Education and

Science of Ukraine

European Joint Committee on

Plasma and Ion

Surface Engineering

The Conference language will be  English

А. Shpak (Ukraine), chair

А. Vasylyev (Ukraine), со-chair

A. Pogrebnjak (Ukraine), со–chair

International Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

V. Anishchik, (Belarus)

F.F. Komarov, (Belarus)

V.V. Uglov (Belarus)

F. Cui, (China)

J. Musil, (Czech Republic)

D. Cameron, (Finland)

G. Abadias, (France)

J.P. Riviere, (France)

G. Abrasonis, (Germany)

G. Bräuer, (Germany)

A. Leson, (Germany)

R. Boxman, (Israel)

J. Han, (Korеa)

A. Grigonis, (Lithuania)

P. Zukowski, (Poland)

A.Cavaleiro, (Portugal)

R.A. Andievskiy, (Russia)

Е. Levashov, (Russia)

А. Korotaev, (Russia)

P. Panjan (Slovenia)

N. Azarenkov, (Ukraine)

V. Beresnev, (Ukraine)

I. Protsenko (Ukraine)

N. Ali (UK)

Members of the EJC/PISE

-Nanostructured films and coating, nanoparticles;

-Protective and tribological coating;

-Functional coating;

-Properties and characterization of films and


-Ion implantation and ion beam assisted


-Plasma and ions for surface engineering;

-Radiation effects in solids;

-Advances in equipment and technologies;

-New materials in electrical engineering and


-Consolidated nanomaterials;

-Nanopolymers, fullerenes and nanotubes;

-Magnetic fine particles;

Present conference is devoted to not only the

subjects of previous MPSL and FMNN

conference,  also  the  main  topics  of  the  NAP

conference are related to new actual problems of

modern Material Science. Among them:

technology of nanomaterial production, properties

of bulk and thin films nanomaterial,

nanomaterial-based coating, nanosystem and

nanoparticles. The conference will put special

focus on application of nanomaterials in Industry,

Biology, Medicine, Chemistry and methods of the

nanomaterials research.

V. Uvarov, (Ukraine)

V. Partyka, (Poland)

O. Ivanov, (Russia)

S. Protsenko, (Ukraine)

T. Lyutyy, (Ukraine)

V. Kosyak,  (Ukraine)

The Conference Proceedings will be published

by the

URSS Editorial

including only the

abstracts accepted by the Scientific Committee.

The abstracts should be written in according to

the instructions given at the Conference web-




. The authors

can prepare their papers in extended form and

submit them as full-length research papers in

Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics



The conference fee for former USSR is:

Regular before 1 June              30 Euro

Regular after 1 June                 40 Euro

Student                                     10 Euro

The conference fee is:

Regular before 1 June            150 Euro

Regular after 1 June               200 Euro

Student                                     40 Euro


Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

European Joint Committee on Plasma and Ion

Surface Engineering

Sumy State University (Ukraine)

Lublin University of Technology (Poland)

Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)

Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine)

The beginning of registration- 25 March, 2011

Abstract submission deadline  - 1 June, 2011

Notification of acceptance       - 25 June, 2011

Submission of a full-length

paper                                        - 30 Sept., 2011

Conference fee can be paid at the

conference desk

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