Nationwide Differential Global Positioning System

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Nationwide Differential Global Positioning System

  • Leonard W. Allen III

  • Acting Chief

  • Track and Infrastructure Division

  • Office of Research and Development

  • Federal Railroad Administration

  • Presented to:

  • Russian Plenary Session GPS - Glonass

  • December 2005

International Standard

  • NDGPS is designed to an international, non-proprietary standard

  • Signal is free to all users

  • 50 other countries operate compatible systems

  • Resulting in a seamless international navigation system

High Accuracy NDGPS Program Objectives

  • Develop a nationwide 3-D dynamic positioning service that has an accuracy of less than 15 centimeter and time to alarm integrity of less than 2 seconds

  • Coexist with existing NDGPS infrastructure

  • Do not degrade existing NDGPS

  • Minimize deployment costs

Broadcast Site Configuration

High Accuracy NDGPS

Development of High Accuracy DGPS International Standard

  • The United Kingdom, Germany and Japan have expressed an interest in working with the US on an international standard for High Accuracy DGPS.

  • Russia is a major user of DGPS.

  • The combination of Russia, Europe, Japan and U.S. represents about 90% of the world DGPS users.

  • Does Russia want to work with the UK, Japan, Germany and U.S. on development of an international standard for High Accuracy Differential GPS?

  • If so, I need contact information on Russia’s point of contact.

Download 487 b.

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