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  • Keep a watchful eye! A car was stolen in the 6600 block of Pershing. Also, a stolen car was used in a robbery & dumped in our neighborhood. It went unreported for about 2 weeks. If you spot an unusual vehicle parked nearby, contact the police. We don’t want thieves to think that they can use our neighborhood to discard evidence!

  • When you are tidying your front lawn, don’t forget to tidy your section of the alley! Kill the weeds, rake the leaves, keep it looking as good as the rest of your yard.

  • Due to the work on the Metro Link, we are allowing students with stickers to park on Trinity, Kingsland, and the west side of Melville.

  • Want to hear about upcoming band events quickly & directly? Send Ron Krone your email address. Send it or any questions to

  • If you see a rat or suspect that they are around, call the St. Louis County/Vector Control Department at 314-615-8428. This is not unusual when major construction is occurring such as the Metro Link. We simply want to take care of the issue, if needed.

  • The trustees hope to begin some curb and street repairs in the next couple of weeks.  The worst areas will be treated first. Not all blocks will be affected.  It's likely that this work will need to be continued next spring.  In some cases, vehicles will need to be kept off our streets during work, but advance notice will be given about this. If you have questions, call Larry O'Neill at 725-4018.

  • If you notice that a sewer near your home is blocked and not draining, please phone the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) to request relief (768-6260).  You will, of course, have to wade through a phone menu, but thus far, MSD has been very responsive to calls asking for sewers to be opened up.

  • Here’s an offer that’s too good to refuse!!!

  • The Famous Ames Place 4th of July Marching Band has been asked to headline the 3rd Annual U City Fireman’s Open House, September 13 (Saturday).

  • The U City Firemen have participated in every Ames Place parade recently. As a thank you, it seems only right to accept. Last year, we played our wonderful selection of patriotic songs, marching the last ½ mile down Delmar to the firehouse. It was amazing! The public adored us! Anyone who can participate is welcome. We especially would like a show of our young people from 6th grade to high school and beyond.

  • The same music and format as on the 4th will be used, perhaps with a circle march. Also, since we ARE the 4th of July Marching Band, let’s wear our 4th of July garb, so we have another chance to WEAR the stars and stripes. (An Ames Place 4th of July T shirt might be particularly great.)

  • The parade starts at 11:00 at Midland and Shaftsbury (in the parking lot in Heman Park off Midland) and will ride up Midland to Delmar (in the midst of all the great fire trucks) and up Delmar to the fire station. We’ll have a locked room where instruments can be kept and will have a ride back to the starting point for those who parked near Heman Park. Get there around 10:30am; no later than 10:45am. If you prefer, you can park/walk to the station and catch a ride with the firemen to the starting point of the parade, but you need to arrive at the station no later than 10:15am to do this!

  • At the fire station there will be tours, rappelling demonstrations, a performance by the precision Dalmatian dogs who somehow demonstrate fire safety, and a “safe house” which the kids can go through to learn how to deal with a house on fire. There will be hot dogs, plastic firemen hats…all the things we associate with fireman picnics.

  • Call me to sign up (862-2517). I’ll contact you on Friday PM, Sept 12th. Can’t play an instrument? We need volunteers to carry the banner.

  • This is a great thank you for our excellent fire department as well as great PR for Ames Place. I hope to see you there!

  • Thanks, Ron Krone

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