Nutbeam and Bauman 2006 Trochim 2006

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Турк тилида-мақола, kompyuterning asosiy qurilmalari va ularning vazifalari, kompyuterning asosiy qurilmalari va ularning vazifalari, kvota , Fizika, Matematika, Elektr mashinalari 2, Elektr mashinalari 2, xujjatlarni yuzi, References, References, METODBIRLASHMA FILOLOGIYA, далолатнома дарс колдирган укувчи ва укитувчигага, ЎТИБДЎ ларнинг 27 та папкалари тайёр


  1. Nutbeam and Bauman 2006

  2. Trochim 2006

  3. Hawe ,P, Degehng ,D, Hall Z

Peer Evaluation




In peer evaluation (also called peer review or peer feedback or peer instruction) give feedback on each other’s workanother group’s work, or, if working in a group, other group-members’ contribution to a project. This allows students to build confidence in understanding and applying criteria, or even negotiating their own prior to the evaluation activity. These activities are formative and grades are not given in order to reduce the focus on grading and scores.

Peer evaluation activities can take place at any time, with almost any piece of work, including exams. The process can be digital or in class. There are a variety of digital technologies to facilitate this, including wikis, blogs, discussion forums, Moodle workshop, Peermark on Turnitin, Peerwise, Pebblepad, etc. CTEL can help to suggest suitable tools or help you to set them up.

Download 29.61 Kb.

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