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Overview     2.1.3 


Nutley Hall is a living and working community providing 

residential care & support (plus day-care) for 33 residents, and 

employs nearly 50 members of staff, many of them also resident. 

It is a registered care home  for adults with learning disabilities, 

with a craft centre and a lively cultural & social environment. 


Nutley Hall is a non profit-making company, registered as a 

charity with the Charity Commissioners (no. 307023), and with 

the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 


The Main House has the Phoenix & Ashdown View households 

and there are four other residential houses


The work takes place in on-site workshops

the Bakery; 


the Weavery; 

Woodwork;   Candle 


the Kitchen, 


the Laundry 

and the Garden & Grounds - & Ashdown Forest
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There are also adult education classes, movement, music and 

drama, and many social and cultural activities, some of them – 

like horse-riding and swimming – outside Nutley Hall. 


The community meeting centre and theatre is a specially 

designed hall known as “Orchard House”. 


Nutley Hall is situated on the main A22 London to Eastbourne 

road in the centre of the village of Nutley, five miles north of 

Uckfield in East Sussex. 


The lanes on each side of Nutley Hall lead down directly onto 

Ashdown Forest, where residents can enjoy walking. 


Nutley Hall is home to people with a range of learning disabilities 

at different levels of need, and residents usually choose to stay a 

long time, often seeing Nutley Hall as their home. 


Residents, both men and women, vary in age from the twenties 

to the eighties. 

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