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(R) Jilin Food Safety (Ln. 78990-CN)

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(R) Jilin Food Safety (Ln. 78990-CN): The objective is to improve

food quality and safety in Jilin Province by investing in laboratories,

water supply system, and providing medium-term loans to small and

medium enterprises to expand the production of safe, high-quality

food. Bank Approval completed on 13 May 2010. Signing scheduled for

31 August 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category B. Project:

P101716. US$ 100.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required for Agricul-

ture and Food Safety. Jilin Provincial Office for Comprehensive Agri-

cultural Development, Jilin Provincial Department of Finance, 3646

Remin Dajie, Changchun, China, Fax: (86-431) 855-0972, Contact: Dail-

iang Liang, Deputy Director

Public Administration, Law, and Justice

(R) Shandong Confucius and Mencius Culture Heritage Protection

and Development: The objective is to assist Shandong Province in

increasing economic opportunities for local communities through im-

proved heritage protection and interpretation, and sustainable tourism

development. Project Concept Review Meeting completed on 13 May 2010.

Preappraisal scheduled for 12 July 2010.

Environmental Assessment Cat-

egory B. US$ 50.0 (IBRD). Consulting services and implementing

agency(ies) to be determined.

Integrated Rural Economic Development of Demonstration

Towns and Counties: The objectives are to: (a) combine the con-

struction of township and public infrastructure with rural conducive

industrial development; and (b) combine provision of employment op-

portunities for migrants with skills training and capacity building, as

well as combine central budgetary allocation. Project Concept Review

Meeting scheduled for 30 September 2010. Environmental Assess-

ment Category B. US$ 200.0 (IBRD). Consulting services and imple-

menting agency(ies) to be determined.


(R) Anhui Medium Cities Urban Transport (Ln. 78810-CN): The

objective is to improve mobility on selected main corridors of the mu-

nicipalities of Anqing, Huaibei, Lu’an and Wuhu in Anhui Province of

the Borrower in a safe and efficient manner. Bank Approval completed

on 20 May 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category B. Project:

P111421. US$ 100.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required. Anhui Provin-

cial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, No. 28, Huan

Cheng Nan Lu, Hefei, Anhui Province, China, Tel: (86-551) 287-1256,

Fax: (86-551) 263-9845, E-mail:, Contact: Zhou

Yuanlou, Deputy Director, Planning and Financial Division

(R) Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Cluster Eco-Transport:

The objective is to support the Ministry of Transport to promote re-

source-saving, environmentally friendly comprehensive transport sys-

tem development in city clusters, with pilot demonstration of multi-modal

transport integration in the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Cluster

in Hunan Province. Project Concept Review Meeting completed on 8

June 2010. Preparation scheduled for 26 July 2010. Environmental As-

JULY 2010

Monthly Operational Summary


sessment Category B.

Project: P121263. US$ 4.8 (GEFU). Consultants

will be required for the preparation of the project and for the imple-

mentation of the project components, in the areas of city-cluster com-

prehensive transport development strategy, comprehensive transport

system planning and design, and multi-modal passenger transport ter-

minal design and management. Ministry of Transport, No. 11 Jian-

guomennei Avenue, Beijing, China, Tel: (86-10) 6529-3196, Fax: (86-10)

6529-3156, E-mail:, Contact: Hong Xia, Execu-

tive Director

(R) Chongqing Urban Rural Integration (Ln. 79200-CN): The

objective is to increase access of residents in participating counties and

districts to improved public services including roads, water supply, em-

ployment training, and primary health care. Bank Approval completed

on 3 June 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category B. Project:

P086446. US$ 84.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required. Chongqing

Project Management Office, 14/F Sun of Asia Mansion, 248 Renmin

Road, China, Tel: (86-23) 6387-7677, Fax: (86-23) 6387-7822, Contact:

Xia Gengsheng, Deputy Director

Green Truck Demonstration GEF: The objective is to demonstrate

the local and global benefits of the application of energy efficiency tech-

nologies in the road freight transport sector in Guangdong province.

Decision Meeting scheduled for 16 August 2010. Environmental As-

sessment Category C. Project: P119654. US$ 4.2 (GEFU). Consulting

services to be determined. Department of Transport, Guangdong

Provincial Government, China, Fax: (86-20) 8384-6409, E-mail: green-, Contact: Shaohua Xu, Director

(R) Sichuan Small Towns Development: The objective is to con-

tribute to sustainable development in the participating small towns in

Sichuan Province through improvements in infrastructure and envi-

ronmental services. Preappraisal completed on 24 May 2010. Appraisal

scheduled for 5 July 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category B. Pro-

ject: P110632. US$ 100.0 (IBRD). Consulting services to be deter-

mined. Provincial Project Management Office, 10th Floor, Nongzi

Building 10, East Jinli Rd Qingyang District, Chengdu, China, Tel:

(86-28) 8612-8880, Fax: (86-28) 8612-9043, E-mail:,

Contact: Mr. Shi Yi, Vice Director

(R) Taiyuan Urban Transport (Ln. 79290-CN): The objective is

to improve mobility and accessibility for Taiyuan’s people and freight

to key industrial and commercial zones in a safe, efficient and sustainable

manner. Bank Approval completed on 10 June 2010. Environmental As-

sessment Category A. Project: P081615. US$ 150.0 (IBRD). Consultants

will be required. Taiyuan Development Planning Commission, Project

Management Office, No. 38, Fuxi Street, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province,

China, Tel: (86-351) 415-2220/21/23, Fax: (86-351) 415-2221, E-mail:, Contact: Shiying Wang, Deputy Director

Anhui Shaying River Channel Improvement: The objective is to

improve the transport infrastructure capacity, efficiency and environ-

mental performance of the inland waterway transport (IWT) that

serves the industries of the Shaying River Basin. Decision Meeting

scheduled for 18 August 2010. Environmental Assessment Category

A. Project: P118647. US$ 100.0 (IBRD). Consulting services to be de-

termined. Anhui Provincial Communications Department, 8th Floor,

Huayi Mansion, No. 95 Shouchun Road, Hefei, China, Tel: (86-551) 262-

9089, Fax: (86-551) 263-0290, E-mail:, Contact:

Jie Luo, Deputy Director

Fujian Highway Sector Investment Additional Financing: The ob-

jective is to support the implementation of the Rural Roads Improve-

ment Program. Identification is underway. Environmental Assessment

Category B. US$ 50.0 (IBRD). Consulting services to be determined.

Fujian Provincial Communications Department (FPCD), 18 Dongshui

Road, China, Tel: (86-591) 8707-7448, Fax: (86-591) 8767-0893, E-mail:, Contact: Mr. Wang Zhaofei, Vice Director

HaJia Railway: The objective is to reduce the transport time for pas-

senger services and provide additional capacity for passenger and

freight services between Harbin and Jiamusi. Decision Meeting sched-

uled for 2 August 2010. Environmental Assessment Category A. Pro-

ject: P117341. US$ 300.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required. Ministry

of Railways, 10 Fuxing Rd, Beijing 100844, China, Tel: (86-10) 5184-1825,

Fax: (86-10) 5184-1845, E-mail:, Contact: Xu Feng,


Hubei Xiangfan Urban Transport: The objective is to improve mo-

bility of all transport users in Xiangfan in an environmentally sustain-

able, integrated, and safe manner. The project will likely include three

components: (i) urban road improvement; (ii) traffic safety and traffic

management; and (iii) public transport improvement. Project Concept

Review Meeting scheduled for 1 September 2010. Environmental As-

sessment Category A. US$ 100.0 (IBRD). Consulting services to be

determined. Xiangfan Development and Reform Commission, China,

Fax: (86-710) 353-3994, E-mail:, Contact: Guo-

qing Wang, Deputy Director

Kunming Urban Rail: The objective is to support Kunming realize

its goal of becoming a public transport oriented city, the proposed

project development objective is to increase the quality of public trans-

port available for citizens that live and travel along the affected corri-

dors by developing a light-rail line and associated multi-modal amenities

in Kunming. Decision Meeting scheduled for 20 August 2010. Envi-

ronmental Assessment Category A. Project: P117656. US$ 300.0

(IBRD). Consulting services to be determined. Kunming Urban Rail

Company, No. 82, Mingtong Rd Kunming, China Tel/Fax: (86-871) 351-

7507, E-mail:, Contact: Geng Xiaohui, Direc-

tor of Project Management Office

Ningxia Highway: The objective is to provide high capacity and qual-

ity transport connections between targeted development zones and ur-

ban areas, in Ningxia Autonomous Region of the Borrower, as well as

develop all-weather road access in selected rural areas of Ningxia Au-

tonomous Region. Bank Approval completed on 13 May 2010. Envi-

ronmental Assessment Category A. Project: P096920. US$ 250.0

(IBRD). Consultants will be required. Ningxia Transportation De-

partment, No. 165 Beijing East Rd Xing Qing District, Yichuan, China,

Tel: (86-951) 503-2956, Ext. 521, Fax: (86-951) 608-6844, E-mail:, Contact: Zhou Shu, Director General

Second Wuhan Urban Transport: The objective is to enhance mo-

bility for passenger trips within and to the central area of Wuhan in an

environmentally sustainable, integrated, and safe manner. This PDO

will be measured through a combination of indicators along identified

municipal transport corridors. Bank Approval completed on 30 March

2010. Environmental Assessment Category B. Project: P112838. US$

100.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required. Municipality of Wuhan, No.

188, Yan Jiang Avenue, Hankou, Wuhan, China, Tel: (86-27) 8282-6302,

Fax: (86-27) 8281-4646, E-mail:, Contact: Zhang

Hanhua, Director

Shandong Weihai Green Transport Corridor: The objective is to

support Weihai to realize its goal of being a green public-transport ori-

ented ecological and livable city. Decision Meeting scheduled for 30

November 2010. Environmental Assessment Category B. Project:

P117654. US$ 70.0 (IBRD). Consulting services to be determined.

Weihai Development and Reform Commission, No. 70 Gaoshan Street,

Weihai, China, Tel: (86-631) 528-1766, Fax: (86-631) 523-7577, E-mail:, Contact: Xiaofeng Wang, Deputy Director

Water, Sanitation and Flood Protection

(R) Bayannaoer Water Resources and Environment Protection:

The objective is to support modified utilization of water resources to

develop higher income activities to local residents, and to improve

the water environment in the Bayannaoer Municipality. Decision Meet-

ing scheduled for 9 July 2010. Environmental Assessment Category

A. Project: P115695. US$ 80.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required.

Bayannaoer Hetao Water Affairs Group Co. Ltd Inner Mongolia, No.

11, Yuhongxin Street, Linhe District, China, Tel: (86-478) 828-7827, Fax:

(86-478) 828-7832, E-mail:, Contact: Jianping Mr.

Xu, Deputy General Manager

(R) Huai River Basin Flood Management and Drainage Im-

provement: The objective is to increase agricultural productivity and

farmers’ incomes by better protecting against floods, the properties and

lives of many people living in predominantly rural areas of the Huai

River Basin. Negotiations completed on 18 May 2010. Bank Approval

scheduled for 6 July 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category A. Pro-

ject: P098078. US$ 173.6 (IBRD). Consultants will be required. Huai

River Basin Committee, Ministry of Water Resources, Bengbu 233001,

Anhui Province, China, Tel: (86-552) 309-3702, Fax: (86-552) 309-3708,

Contact: Qian Min, Director General


Monthly Operational Summary

JULY 2010

(R) Jiangsu Wuxi Lake Tai Environment: The objective is to

demonstrate cost-effective options to reduce pollution levels in rivers,

streams and surface flows in the Lake Tai Basin, and the Meiliang Lake.

Decision Meeting scheduled for 18 June 2010. Environmental As-

sessment Category A. Project: P115319. US$ 150.0 (IBRD). Consultants

will be required. Jiangsu Wuxi Project Management Office, No.8, Ship-

ilu Road, Wuxi Municipality, Jiangsu Province, Tel: (86-510) 8279-7861,

Fax: (86-510) 8279-3175, E-mail:, Contact: Ms. Yu

Suying, Director, Wuxi Municipal PMO

(R) Liuzhou Environment Management Phase II: The objective

is to improve the water quality of Liujiang River within the urban area

boundary of Liuzhou Municipality (LM): (a) by investment of the

wastewater systems in four county towns located upper stream, (b)

wastewater system investment in the urban area; and (c) institutional

development and capacity building of LM Wastewater Treatment Co.

Appraisal completed on 21 May 2010. Negotiations scheduled for 26 July


Environmental Assessment Category A. US$ 150.0 (IBRD).

Consulting services to be determined. Liuzhou PMO, 6th Floor, Liuzhou

Municipal Govt. Bdg, No.66, Sanzhonglu Rd Liuzhou, China, Tel: (86-

772) 2811-597, Fax: (86-772) 2821-448, Contact: Mr. Sun Xiaoqing, Di-


(R) Nanning Urban Environment (Ln. 78980-CN): The objective

is to help the rehabilitation and river integrated environmental im-

provement of the Fenghuang and Liangqing rivers, Wastewater Man-

agement of City and Counties, including the construction of the 2nd

Phase of a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Jiangnan. Bank Approval

completed on 1 June 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category A. Pro-

ject: P108627. US$ 100.0 (IBRD). No consultants are required. Nan-

ning Development and Reform Commission, 1 Jiabin Road, Guangxi

Region, Nanning Guangxi, PR, China Tel/Fax: (86-771) 553-5881, E-

mail:, Contact: Mr. Zeng Qingzuan, Director, World

Bank Project Management Office

(R) Shanghai Agricultural and Non-point Pollution Reduction:

The objective is to demonstrate effective and innovative pollution re-

duction activities in Shanghai’s rural areas in order to reduce the

rural/agricultural pollution load (especially of plant nutrients) in the

surface water flows to the East China Sea. Bank Approval completed

on 10 June 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category B. Project:

P090376. US$ 4.8 (GEFU). Consultants will be required. Shanghai

Municipal Government, No. 1 Lane 1114, Liyang Rd Shanghai 200082,

China, Tel: (86-21) 5666-8104, Fax: (86-21) 6540-6094, E-mail: xgfu@, Contact: Mr. Qiu Wenjin, Director, Project Office

(R) Yunnan Urban Environment Phase II Additional Financing:

The objective is to: (a) include the Zhaotong Component to the par-

ent project and (b) continue to improve the effectiveness and cover-

age of critical urban infrastructure services in selected counties through

investment in systems for the management of wastewater, water sup-

ply and river rehabilitation in the Yunnan Province. Negotiations com-

pleted on 20 May 2010. Bank Approval scheduled for 6 July 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category A. Project: P117819. US$ 60.0

(IBRD). Consultants will be required. Yunnan Provincial Environment

Protection Bureau-Foreign Financed Project Management Office, 27

Xi Yuan Nan Lu, Kunming, China, Tel: (86-871) 410-2061, Fax: (86-871)

415-8238, E-mail:, Contact: Mr. Zhou Bo, Direc-

tor of YPMO

(R) Zhejiang Qiantang River Basin Small Town Environment: The

objective is to assist Zhejiang Province in improving access to the sus-

tainability of urban environmental infrastructure services in selected

cities, districts and towns in the Qiantang River Basin. Appraisal is un-


Environmental Assessment Category A. Project: P116656.

US$ 100.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required for technical, financial,

economic, and institutional issues; as well as on environmental and re-

settlement aspects of project preparation. Zhejiang Provincial Con-

struction Commission, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, China, Tel: (86-571)

8705-5129, Fax: (86-571) 8705-5049, E-mail: or chen-, Contact: Mr. Chen Jianqiu, Director

Huai River Basin Marine Pollution Reduction: The objective is

to demonstrate innovative and cost-effective water pollution control prac-

tices in Dongying City that will contribute to reduce nutrient and pol-

lution load to the Bohai Sea, and develop and disseminate a replication

strategy for the Huai River Basin. Preparation is underway. Environ-

mental Assessment Category B. US$ 5.0 (GEFU). Consulting services

to be determined. Provincial Finance Bureau, Shandong Province,

China, Tel: (86-552) 8292-0751, Fax: (86-552) 8697-4007, E-mail: Lip-


Information and Communications

Telecommunications: The objective is to stimulate growth and com-

petitiveness, by facilitating enabling infrastructure and services, in-

cluding in disadvantaged areas. Specific objectives are to support

institutions to stimulate a vibrant and equitable telecommunications/ICT

sector. Preparation scheduled for 30 July 2010. Environmental As-

sessment Category C. Project: P113187. US$ 2.0 (IBRD). Consulting

services to be determined. Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Trade and

Communications, Naibati House, 9 Goodenough Street, Suva, Fiji, Tel:

(679) 330-5411, Fax: (679) 330-2617, Contact: Mr. P. Wise, Permanent



Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry

(R) Aceh-Nias Livelihoods and Economy Development Program

(LDEP): The objective is to facilitate sustainable long-term economic

development and poverty reduction by creating an enabling environ-

ment for improved human development and livelihoods in Nias Is-

lands. Negotiations are underway. Environmental Assessment Category

B. Project: P110635. US$ 8.2 (ACEH). Consultants will be required. State

Ministry of Disadvantage Area Development (KPDT), Jl. Abdul Muis

No. 7, Jakarta, Indonesia, Tel: (62-21) 350-0334, Contact: Ari Noor-

widyanto, Assistant to Deputy

(R) Climate Change Development Policy (Ln. 79150-ID): The

objective is to support the Government in (a) achieving a lower car-

bon development path; (b) preparing for a post-2012 global climate

change regime; (c) setting up a conducive policy, regulatory and in-

stitutional setting; and (d) accessing global climate finance opportu-

nities and carbon markets. Bank Approval completed on 25 May 2010.

Signing scheduled for 23 July 2010.

Environmental Assessment Cate-

gory U. Project: P120313. US$ 200.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be re-

quired. Ministry of Finance, J1. Lapangan Banteng Timur No. 2-4,

Indonesia, Tel: (62-21) 384-1067, Fax: (62-21) 380-8395, Contact: Mau-

rin Sitorus, Director for Loan and Grant

Mainstreaming Globally-Important Biodiversity Conservation

in Production Forest: The objective is to conserve globally signifi-

cant forest biodiversity by enhancing the sustainability of production

forest management through development of alternative non-timber

income sources. Preappraisal scheduled for 16 July 2010. Environ-

mental Assessment Category B. Project: P112419. US$ 3.3 (GEFU).

Consultants will be required. Burung Indonesia, Jl. Dadali 32, Bogor,

Indonesia, Tel: (62-251) 835-7222, Fax: (62-251) 835-7961, E-mail:

birdlife@, Contact: Listya Kusuma Wardhani, Director of


Sustainable Management of Agricultural Research and Technology

Dissemination (SMARTD): The objective is to strengthen Indone-

sian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD)’s ca-

pacity to develop and disseminate international best practice

technologies for improved agricultural productivity, profitability and sus-

tainability, especially the dual role of IAARD in research and outreach

to farmers. Preparation scheduled for 16 July 2010. Environmental

Assessment Category B. Project: P117243. US$ 60.0 (IBRD). Con-

sulting services to be determined. Agency for Agricultural Research

and Development, Jl. Ragunan No. 29, Pasar Minggu, Indonesia, Tel:

(62-21) 780-1242, Fax: (62-21) 780-0644, Contact: Dr. H. Sumarjo Gatot

Irianto, Director General


(R) BOS Knowledge Improvement for Transparency and Ac-

countability AF: The objectives are to: (a) improve the usage of the

BOS block grant to schools through the preparation of school im-

provement plans; (b) strengthen the supervision and monitoring mech-

anisms between schools and district education offices; and (c) simplify

the complaint resolution mechanisms and linking these with service

improvement. Bank Approval completed on 8 June 2010. Environ-

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