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(R) Third Programmatic Environmental Development Policy

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(R) Third Programmatic Environmental Development Policy

Loan: The objective is to support the Peruvian government’s efforts

to strengthen environmental governance and institutions and main-

stream environmental sustainability in the development agenda of key

sectors (mining, fisheries, and urban transport and energy). Decision

Meeting completed on 16 June 2010. Appraisal and negotiations sched-

uled for late-June 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category U. Pro-

ject: P118713. US$ 75.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required. Ministry

of Economy and Finance, Jr. Junin 319, Lima 1, Peru, Tel: (51-1) 427-

7095, 426-9452, Fax: (51-1) 428-2101, 426-1823, E-mail: aamezaga@mef., Contact: Aida Amezaga, Director, Sectoral Loans Coordination


Rural Electrification Additional Financing: The objective is to as-

sist distribution companies to provide service both through grid ex-

tension and renewable energy. Decision Meeting scheduled for 15

October 2010. Environmental Assessment Category B. Project: P117864.

US$ 50.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required. Ministry of Energy and

Mines, Av. Las Artes Sur 260, San Borja, Peru Tel/Fax: (51-1) 475-0065,

Contact: Fernando Rossinelli, Director of Rural Electrification

Health and Other Social Services

Results in Nutrition for Juntos: The objective will be to support

the Articulated Nutrition Program (PAN), one of Strategic Pro-

grams of the Results Based Budgeting (PPR) of MEF, to achieve the

results of reducing chronic malnutrition. Negotiations pending gov-

ernment confirmation. Environmental Assessment Category C.

Project: P117310. US$ 25.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required. Min-

istry of Economy and Finance, Jr. Junin 319, 4to. Piso, Lima, Peru,

Tel: (51-1) 311-9900 Ext 2111, Fax: (51-1) 428 1799, E-mail: rsalhua-, Contact: Luis Carranza Ugarte, Minister of Economy

and Finance

Third Results and Accountability Development Policy Loan:

The objectives are to: (a) improve parental understanding of expected

outcomes in education, health and nutrition; (b) to improve out-

comes in second grade literacy (especially in rural schools); (c)

reduce maternal and prenatal mortality; and (d) better nutrition out-

comes. Project Concept Review Meeting scheduled for 28 July 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category U. US$ 25.0 (IBRD). Consul-

tants will be required. Ministry of Economy and Finance, Direccion

Nac. de Endeudamiento Publico, Jiron Junin 319, Piso 8, Lima, Peru,

Tel: (51-1) 311-5930, Fax: (51-1) 428-2509, E-mail:,

Contact: Aida Amezaga, Head, Unidad Coodinadora de Prestamos


Public Administration, Law, and Justice

(R) Fourth Programmatic Fiscal Management Development

Policy Loan: The objectives are: (a) growth with equity, (b) fiscal ad-

justment, improved quality of public expenditures, and (c) public sec-

tor that facilitates private sector development. Project Concept Review

Meeting completed on 14 June 2010. Decision Meeting scheduled for 30

June 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category U. US$ 100.0 (IBRD).

No consultants are required. Ministry of Economy and Finance, Jr. Junin

319, Lima 1, Peru, Tel: (51-1) 427-7095, 426-9452, Fax: (51-1) 428-2101,

426-1823, E-mail:, Contact: Aida Amezaga, Di-


(R) Second Justice Services Improvement: The objective is to sup-

port a coordinated introduction of the key sector agencies in imple-

menting oral proceedings and expanding the activities under the first

Justice Services Improvement project which were limited to only ten

judicial districts. Negotiations scheduled for 12 July 2010. Environmental

Assessment Category C. Project: P110752. US$ 20.0 (IBRD). Consul-

tants will be required. Judiciary of Peru, Av. Paseo de la Republica s/n,

Palacio N, 4to Piso, Oficina 444, Lima, Peru, Tel: (51-1) 719-6300, Fax:

(51-1) 427-0292, E-mail:, Contact: Nelson

Shack Yalta, Project Coordinator

(R) Strengthening Biodiversity Conservation through National

Protected Areas: The objective is to contribute to the long-term eco-

logical sustainability of Peru’s protected areas by expanding the eco-

logical representativeness of the PA system and implementing

conservation activities at various levels (national, regional, and pri-

vate) within ecological corridors. Bank Approval completed on 20 May


Signing date to be determined. Environmental Assessment Cat-

egory B. Project: P095424. US$ 8.9/8.2 (GEFU/KFW). Consultants

will be required. Peruvian Trust Fund for National Parks and Pro-

tected Areas, Ave. Prolongacion Arenales 722-724, Miraflores, Peru,

Tel: (51-1) 212-1010, Fax: (51-1) 212-1957, E-mail: Apaniagua@profo-, Contact: Alberto Paniagua, Executive Director


(R) Safe and Sustainable Transport SWAp (Ln. 78320-PE):

The objective is to increase the quality of national road corridors that

are essential to Peru’s competitiveness and to promote safer transport

conditions, as part of the Government’s stimulus package designed in

response to the global crisis. Signing tentatively scheduled for mid-July


Environmental Assessment Category B. Project: P116929. US$

150.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required. PROVIAS Nacional, Jr. Zor-

ritos 1203, Lima, Peru, Tel: (51-1) 615-7800, Ext. 4004, Fax: (51-1) 615-

7453, E-mail:, Contact: Raul Torres,

Executive Director

Lima Transport Additional Financing: The objective is to assist the

Municipality of Metropolitan Lima (MML) in enhancing the economic

productivity and the quality of life within the Lima Metropolitan area

through improving mobility and accessibility for the metropolitan pop-

ulation. This project is on hold until further notice. Environmental As-

sessment Category A. US$ 44.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required.

Protransporte, Jr. Cuzco 286, Lima, Peru, Tel: (51-1) 428-3333, Fax: (51-

1) 428-2493, E-mail:, Contact:

Mario Portocarrero, General Manager

Second Vilcanota Valley Protection and Development: The ob-

jective is to enhance the environmental and socio-economic sustain-

ability of historical, cultural and ecological assets of the Vilcanota

Valley. Decision Meeting scheduled for 27 October 2010. Environ-

mental Assessment Category A. Project: P117318. US$ 40.0 (IBRD).

Consultants will be required. COPESCO, Plaza Tupac Amaru s/n,

Distrito Wanchaq, Cuzco, Peru, Tel: (51-84) 581-540, Fax: (51-84) 236-

712, E-mail:, Contact: Fernando Rodriguez,

Executive Director

Water, Sanitation and Flood Protection

(R) Catastrophe Development Policy Loan Deferred Drawdown

Option: The objective is to enhance the Government of Peru’s capacity

to implement its disaster risk management program for averse natural


Monthly Operational Summary

JULY 2010

events. Decision Meeting scheduled for 8 September 2010. Environ-

mental Assessment Category U. Project: P120860. US$ 75.0 (IBRD).

Consultants will be required. Unidad de Coordinacion de Prestamos

Sectoriales (UCPS), Jr. Junin 319, Piso 4, Lima, Peru, Tel: (51-1) 311-

5958, Fax: (51-1) 311-9900, Contact: Aida Amezaga, Chief

(R) National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Additional Fi-

nancing: The objective is to contribute to the improvement of health

and living conditions of the rural population of Peru through adequate

water supply, sanitation and health and education programs. The Ad-

ditional finance will enhance decentralization arrangements with an aim

at faster execution and enhanced governance. Project Concept Re-

view Meeting scheduled for 29 June 2010. Environmental Assess-

ment Category B. US$ 30.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required.

UGP-PRONASAR (Viceministerio de Construccion y Saneamiento), Av.

Paseo de la Republica 3361, 3er Piso, San Isidro, Lima, Peru, Tel: (51-

1) 711-6200, Fax: (51-1) 711-6201, E-mail:,

Contact: Vanessa Verau, Coordinator

Optimization of Lima Water and Sewerage Systems: The objec-

tive is to contribute to the improvement of the water utility sustainability

and its services to the poor by contributing to the optimization of the

water and sewerage network in the poorest section of Lima Metropolitan

Region, including rehabilitation, sectorization, metering and system au-

tomatization. Decision Meeting scheduled for 25 August 2010. Envi-

ronmental Assessment Category B. Project: P117293. US$ 58.0 (IBRD).

Consultants will be required. SEDAPAL, Autopista R. Priale 210, Peru,

Tel: (511) 317-3000, Fax: (511) 362-5148, E-mail:,

Contact: Jorge Barco, General Manager


Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry

Second Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Mesoameri-

can Barrier Reef System: The objectives are to: (a) consolidate on-

going efforts on the part of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico

to manage the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System (MBRS) as a

shared, regional ecosystem; (b) safeguard its biodiversity values and

functional integrity; and (c) create a transnational regulatory and pol-

icy framework for its sustainable use. Identification is underway. En-

vironmental Assessment Category B. US$ 5.3 (GEFU). Consultants will

be required. Central American Community for Environment and De-

velopment, Boulevard Orden de Malta No. 470, Urbanizacion Santa

Elena, Urbanizacion Santa Elena, El Salvador, Tel: (503) 2248-8800, Fax:

(503) 2248-8899, E-mail:, Contact: Roberto Ro-

driguez, Institutional Strengthening Coordinator

Energy and Mining

(R) Eastern Caribbean Energy Regulatory Authority: The objective

is to enhance the efficiency of electricity provision in OECS countries.

Appraisal scheduled for 22 July 2010.

Environmental Assessment Cat-

egory C. Project: P101414. US$ 6.1 (IDA Credit). Consultants will be

required. OECS Secretariat, Morne Fortune, PO Box 179, Saint Lu-

cia, Tel: (758) 452-6327, E-mail:, Contact: James

Fletcher, Director, Social and Sustainable Development

Information and Communications

(R) Advanced Regional Communications Infrastructure Pro-

gram: The objectives are to: (i) increase access and affordability of

broadband communications networks in the Caribbean region and

within countries; (ii) contribute to the development of the regional

IT industry; and (iii) contribute to improved Government efficiency

and transparency through regionally harmonized e-government

applications. Identification is underway. Environmental Assessment

Category B. Project: P114963. US$ 6.0/16.0 (IBRD/IDA Credit). Con-

sultants will be required. Implementing agency(ies) to be deter-


Public Administration, Law, and Justice

Sustainable Financing and Management of Eastern Caribbean

Marine Ecosystem: The objective is to improve the management ef-

fectiveness of existing and expanded Protected Area networks across

the Eastern Caribbean through the establishment of sustainable fi-

nancing mechanisms. Project preparation is underway. Environmen-

tal Assessment Category B. Project: P103470. US$ 8.8/3.0/8.4 (GEFU/

KFW/ZFOU). Consultants will be required. The Nature Conservancy

(TNC), PO Box 420237, Summerland Key, United States, Tel: (876) 754-

4579 Ext. 28, Fax: (876) 754-2365, Contact: Kimberly John, Sustainable

Waters Programme Manager

Water, Sanitation and Flood Protection

OECS Disaster Vulnerability Reduction: The objective is to fi-

nance disaster vulnerability reduction investments for selected public

infrastructure in Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia and St. Vincent and

the Grenadines. Project preparation is underway. Environmental As-

sessment Category B. Project: P117871. US$ 30.0/20.0/40.0 (IDA

Credit/CIF/ECEU). Consultants will be required. Implementing

agency(ies) to be determined.

Saint Lucia

Public Administration, Law, and Justice

(R) Economic and Social Development Policy Loan (Ln. 79190-

LC, Cr. 47520-LC): The objectives is to help the Government man-

age the global turmoil and mitigate its impact on the poor by improving

social safety nets and supporting a sustained medium term process of

legal, institutional and structural development that promotes growth

and improves public governance and service delivery. Bank Approval

completed on 8 June 2010. Signing tentatively scheduled for late-June 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category U. Project: P117016. US$ 4.0/8.0

(IBRD/IDA Credit). Consultants will be required. Ministry of Finance,

2nd Floor, Financial Centre, Bridge Street, Saint Lucia, Tel: (758) 468-

5520, Fax: (758) 451-9231, E-mail:, Contact: Embert

St. Juste, Director of Economic Research in MOF and Project Coor-



Energy and Mining

Energy Sector Strengthening: The objective is to support: (a) the

upgrade of transmission and distribution networks, (b) investments in

renewable energies and energy efficiency equipments, and (c) programs

for reducing technical and non technical losses. Project Concept Re-

view Meeting scheduled for 6 July 2010. Environmental Assessment

Category B. US$ 100.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required. Imple-

menting agency(ies) to be determined.

Industry and Trade

(R) Sustainable Industrial Development: The objective is to help

small and medium enterprises with inadequate access to credit to im-

prove their compliance with environmental regulations, while simul-

taneously boosting their industrial competitiveness. Identification is


Environmental Assessment Category B. US$ 40.0 (IBRD).

Consultants will be required. Implementing agency(ies) to be deter-


Public Administration, Law, and Justice

(R) Programmatic Public Sector, Competitiveness and Social In-

clusion Development Policy Loan: The objective is to help im-

prove the business climate, capital markets and fiscal reforms, including

reform of social security system. Project Concept Review Meeting

completed on 12 April 2010. Decision Meeting scheduled for 23 June 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category U. Project: P116215. US$ 100.0

(IBRD). Consultants will be required. Ministry of Economy and Finance,

Colonia 1089 3er Piso, Montevideo, Uruguay, Tel: (598-2) 1712-2210,

Fax: (598-2) 1712-2212, E-mail:, Contact: Michael

Borchardt, Head of Macroeconomics Advisory

Water, Sanitation and Flood Protection

(R) Fourth OSE Modernization and Systems Rehabilitation

Adaptable Program Loan: The objective of is to finance the con-

struction of wastewater treatment plants in Salto and Paysandu, two

cities located on the cross-border Rio Uruguay. Project Concept Re-

view Meeting scheduled for 16 August 2010. Environmental Assess-

ment Category A. US$ 20.0 (IBRD). Consultants will be required.

Implementing agency(ies) to be determined.

JULY 2010

Monthly Operational Summary




Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry

(R) Development Marketplace 2009 GEF: The objective is to

help identify and provide grant funding to support innovative projects.

Bank Approval scheduled for 30 June 2010.

Environmental Assess-

ment Category U. US$ 1.0/2.0/2.7/1.1 (GDEN/GEFU/GFDR/IFAD).

No consultants are required. Various Organizations, Contact: Ruphin

Bo-elongo, Coordinateur General

(R) Threatened Species Partnership - Save Your Logo: The

objective is to provide grant funding through IUCN for projects asso-

ciated with conservation of globally threatened species. It is expect-

ed that cofunding will be leveraged from the Bank and from private

sector partners, through the Save Your Logo campaign, to replenish

the funding mechanism. Appraisal scheduled for mid-June 2010.

Environmental Assessment Category B. Project: P115564. US$ 4.9

(GEFU). No consultants are required. Contact: Elvin Rustamov, PIU


Water, Sanitation and Flood Protection

Sustainable Governance and Knowledge Generation: The ob-

jective is to secure and enhance the delivery and impacts of the new

MNA/GEF Mediterranean Partnership Initiative “Sustainable MED”

and to put in place “sustainability elements” for an improved governance

of freshwater, coastal and marine resources at the regional Mediter-

ranean level and at the country level. Preparation is underway. Envi-

ronmental Assessment Category C. US$ 3.0 (GEFU). Consulting

services and implementing agency(ies) to be determined.

Guarantee Operations 

In September 1994, the Bank’s Executive Directors approved a proposal

to make guarantees a mainstream instrument of Bank operations.

These guarantees are most likely to be used for infrastructure fi-

nancing, where the demands for funding are large, political and sov-

ereign risks are significant, and the need for long-maturity financing

is often critical to a project’s viability.

By covering some of the risks that the market is not able to bear or

adequately evaluate, the Bank’s guarantee can attract new sources of

finance, reduce financing costs, and extend maturities. The guarantee

can be especially valuable where activities traditionally undertaken

and financed by the government are being shifted to the private sec-

tor but where the government remains as a regulator or provider of

inputs and a buyer of outputs. The Bank’s participation as guarantor

can also facilitate the transparency of these transactions.

Since the guarantee is intended to be a catalytic instrument, the Bank

offers only partial guarantees, and risks are clearly shared between the

Bank and private lenders. The Bank’s objective is to cover risks that

it is well-positioned to bear given its credit, its experience with devel-

oping countries, and its special relationships with governments. The

risk-sharing may be for specific risks (the partial risk guarantee) or

for part of the financing (the partial credit guarantee).

A partial risk guarantee covers risks arising from nonperformance of

sovereign contractual obligations or from force majeure aspects in a

project. A partial credit guarantee typically extends maturities beyond

what private creditors could otherwise provide, for example, by guar-

anteeing late-dated repayments or by providing incentives for lenders

to roll over medium-term loans.

For more information on the Bank’s guarantee program and to obtain

a copy of the pamphlet “The World Bank Guarantees: Leveraging Pri-

vate Finance for Emerging Markets” (available in English, French, Por-

tuguese and Spanish), please contact the Finance Economics and

Urban Department (FEU) Tel: (202) 458-8111; Fax: (202) 522-0761, or


Africa Region



Joint Railway Concession:  (Public Sector) The objective is to mo-

bilize commercial debt financing in support of the joint concessioning

of the Kenya and Uganda railways. Two IDA partial risk guarantees,

Kenya (US$ 45.0) and Uganda (US$ 10.0), in support of the project,

which is a component of the East Africa Community Transport Facil-

itation project, were approved by the Executive Directors on 23 Janu-

ary 2006. The project achieved financial closure in December 2006.

Effectiveness of the Partial Risk Guarantees is still pending.


Energy and Mining

Kribi Gas Power IPP:  (Private Sector) he objective is the develop-

ment and implementation of a 216 MW gas-fired power plant located

in the Mbolongwe village, 9 km north of the coastal city of Kribi in the

southern province of Cameroon. The primary development objective

for the project is to increase the capacity and reliability electricity sup-

ply in Cameroon through the implementation of the 216 MW Kribi gas

power generation project to create a solid base for growth and poverty

reduction in Cameroon. An IDA PRG of about US$ 80 million is being

considered in support of the project. Board presentation is tentatively

scheduled forearly FY11.



Nairobi Urban Toll Road:  (Private Sector) he objective is to improve

traffic efficiency along the Northern Corridor in Kenya by enabling

private investment within a toll road concession along the most con-

gested urban sections of the Uhuru Highway. Up to US$ 320.0 in guar-

antees from IDA (PRG) and MIGA (PRI) is currently being considered

in support of the concession. Board presentation tentatively scheduled

for mid-FY11.


Energy and Mining

Energy and Gas Infrastructure:  (Private Sector) The objective of

the project to strengthen the value chain for power generation by end-

ing the bottlenecks in the supply chain for power generation-previously

a fundamental constraint to economic growth in the country. The guar-

antees will support the Power Holding Company of Nigeria’s gas sup-

ply payment obligations to international and domestic oil companies

which will help mobilize gas supplies for power generation.

  The PRGs

would help to assist the Government in putting in place an appropri-

ate framework for IPPs as well as the extent of Government support

to be provided through the PRGs. IDA PRGs of US$ 400.0 were ap-

proved for the first phase of the project. 

 Approved by the Executive

Directors on 16 June 2009. Signing to be scheduled.


Monthly Operational Summary

JULY 2010

JULY 2010

Monthly Operational Summary



Australian Agency for International 



Asian Development Bank


African Development Fund


African Development Bank


Adaptable Program Loan


Banque Arabe de Développement 

Économique en Afrique


Banque Ouest Africaine 

de Développement


Caribbean Development Bank


Caisse Française de Développement


Canadian International Development 



Danish International Development 



Department for International 

Development (UK)


European Bank for Reconstruction 

and Development


European Development Fund


European Investment Bank


European Union


Fonds d’Aide et de Coopération (France)


Food and Agricultural Organization 

of the United Nations


FAO Cooperative Program 

(with the World Bank)


Finland International Development 



Global Environment Facility


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische 



Inter-Agency Procurement Ser vice



International Bank for Reconstruction 

and Development


International Competitive Bidding


International Development Association


Inter-American Development Bank


International Fund for Agricultural 



Islamic Development Bank


Japan Bank for International Cooperation


Interim Trust Fund


Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau 



Learning and Innovation Loan


National Competitive Bidding


Nongovernmental Organization


Nor wegian Agency for Development 



Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund 



Organization of Petroleum Exporting 



Project Appraisal Document 


Project Concept Document 


Prototype Carbon Fund 


Project Concept Note 


Policy and Human Resources 

Development (Japan)


Project Identification (Number)


Project Preparation Facility


Quality and Cost-Based Selection 


Swiss Agency for Development 



Swedish International Development 



United Nations Development Programme


United Nations Population Fund


United Nations Children’s Fund


United States Agency for International 



World Health Organization


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