Oliy o’quv yurtlariga kiruvchi o’quvchilar hamda abituriyentlar uchun ingliz tilidan qo’llanma

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miynet shartnamasi, 8-сон 05.01.2002. Qishloq xo‘jaligi korxonalarini fermer xo‘jaliklariga aylantirish chora-tadbirlari to‘g‘risida, OT-02 Designs OS, kasbiy psixologiya, Magistr savollari, Mavzu O’zbekistonda turizm industriyasini rivojlantirish chora , Rezume Tarjimon Tuychiyeva Malika , Egamberganov A smestr ishi, QO`L TO`PICHILARNING CHAQQONLIGINI TAKOMILLASHTIRISH VA NAZORAT QILISH, VOLLEYBOL MUSOBAQASINI O`TKAZISHNING ILMIY-TASHKILIY ASOSLARI, O`ZBEKISTONDA BASKETBOLNING RIVOJLANISH BOSQICHLARI. BASKETBOLNING PSIXOLOGIK TAYYORGARLIGI, Podsho Rossiyasi tomonidan O‘rta Osiyoning bosib olinishi sababl, BASKETBOL SPORT TURI BO`ICHA MUSOBAQALARNI TASHKILLASHTIRISH VA UNI O`TKAZISH TIZIMLARI2, BASKETBOL O`YIN MASHQLAR TEXNIKASI VA TAKTIKASI USULLARINI O`RGATISHNI TAKOMILLASHTIRISH HAMDA MAHORATINI OSHIRISH

Oliy o’quv yurtlariga kiruvchi o’quvchilar hamda 
abituriyentlar uchun ingliz tilidan qo’llanma

2300 ta grammatik
mavzulashtirilgan testlar to’plami
Toshkent - 2020

Mazkur testlar to’plami abitureyentlarning bilimini 
oshirish maqsadida tuzib chiqildi. 
Bu testlarni tuzishda 
M. G‘apporov, R. Qosimova “Ingliz tili grammatikasi”, 
Jenny Dooley – Virginia Evans “Grammarway - 2,3,4” 
Jenny Dooley – Virginia Evans “New Round up - 4,5,6” 
Raymond Murphe “English grammar in use 1-2”
kitoblaridagi keltirilgan ma’lumotlarga asoslanib tuzib 
Eng ko’p uchraydigan qoidalardan tortib siz uchratmagan 
birikmalargacha mavjud


Test 1
1. You … right past me when I … for the bus.
A) drove/was waiting B) driven/waited
C) drive/was waiting D) was driving/waited
2. We haven’t got any new videos. We … all these.
A) watch B) were watching
C) have watched D) are watching
3. It isn’t a good party. Most people have … gone home.
A) already B) ago C) since D) yet
4. This is the second time Rachel … to give me a message.
A) forgets B) forgot C) has forgotten D) is forgetting
5. I … the heating on, but it’s off again now.
A) turn B) turned C) have turned D) am turning
6. I’d like to borrow this book. Has Ann read it … ?
A) for B) just C) yet D) ago
7. The girls have … to the cinema. They won’t be back until
10 o’clock.
A) been B) gone C) already D) just
8. You … on that computer since seven o’clock.
A) are playing B) played C) have been playing D) play
9. I … that report. Now I can relax.
A) have been finishing B) finish
C) have finished D) am finishing
10. You should wash the car. You haven’t washed it … ages.
A) for B) since C) ago D) –
11. It is a month since I … my grandparents.
A) have visited B) didn’t visit C) haven’t visited D) visited
12. We … to Ireland for our holidays last year.
A) have gone B) went C) go D) are going
13. I’ve … made some coffee. It’s in the kitchen.
A) ever B) never C) just D) yet
14. My arms are aching. Because I … .
A) swim B) swam
C) have been swimming D) am swimming
15. Robert … ill for three weeks. He’s still in hospital.
A) is B) has been C) was D) is being
Test 2
1. I … much money after I … for the plane ticket.
A) didn’t have/paid B) didn’t have/had paid
C) hadn’t had/had paid D) hadn’t had/paid
2. I … to Paris last spring for a job interview.
A) went B) had gone C) go D) have gone
3. It was the third serious mistake he … in his new job.
A) was making B) made C) had made D) has made
4. I was very tired because I … for the past two hours
without a break.
A) was working B) had been working
C) has been working D) work
5. She had no sooner come into the room … they sent her to
the shop.
A) than B) then C) after D) before
6. I looked out of the window. A strange man … in the
A) was standing B) had stood C) stands D) is standing
7. My favorite film had hardly … when the electricity … off.
A) began/went B) begun/had gone
C) begun/went D) had begun/went
8. He couldn’t change his clothes because he … his luggage.
A) was losing B) lost C) has lost D) had lost
9. Before I … to bed, I … the project.
A) went/had finished B) had gone/finished
C) had gone/had finished D) gone/had finished
10. I … for him for three hours when he came
A) was waiting B) waited C) had been waiting D) wait
11. Tom was hungry. He … lunch yet.
A) had had B) didn’t have C) hadn’t had D) was having
12. She had scarcely gone out of the room … she
remembered to take her passport.
A) after B) when C) before D) than
13. Yesterday I got up at 7 o’clock. I … and … breakfast.
Then I went to work.
A) had washed/had had B) was washing/having
C) washed/had D) washed/was having
14. I … a little better after I had taken the medicine.
A) feel B) fell C) felt D) fall
15. When Judy got home, her hair was still wet, because she
… .
A) was swimming B) swam
C) has swum D) had been swimming
Test 3
1. I’ll say goodbye now. You … by the time I get back.
A) will go B) will be going C) will have gone D) had gone
2. If you … a train, it’ll be much more comfortable.
A) will take B) take C) will have taken D) had taken
3. I’m starting a job in sales … I finish college.
A) if B) after C) until D) as soon
4. -I’m trying to move this cupboard, but it’s very heavy.
-Well, I … you, then.
A) am helping B) will have helped C) will help D) help
5. It’s quite a long way. We … about five miles by the time
we get back.
A) will have walked B) have been walking
C) walk D) are walking
6. -Can I borrow your bicycle on Monday?
-I’m sorry, but I … it. I always cycle to work.
A) use B) had used C) will have used D) will be using
7. Next summer we … English for three years.
A) will have been studying B) had studied
C) am studying D) will be studying
8. I won’t be at home at three o’clock. I … golf.
A) will have played B) play C) will be playing
D) have played
9. Sorry – I … you about Alice and Fred, but I forgot.
A) will tell B) was going to tell C) told D) tell
10. Don't move until I … you.
A) tell B) will tell C) don’t tell D) won’t tell
11. By the time we … there, Jim will have left.
A) had got B) will get C) will have got D) get
12. When … school start?
A) will B) does C) had D) has
13. They … here for four years next April.
A) will be living B) had been living
C) are living D) will have lived
14. -There’re a lot of letters to answer.
-Yes, I know. I … them all on Tuesday.
A) will do B) am going to do C) had done D) do
15. This time tomorrow I … a rest.
A) have had B) have C) will be having D) am having
Test 4

1. That old radio … before I dropped it.
A) used to work B) was used to work
C) used to working D) used to worked
2. I’m surprised they joined the tennis club. They … to like
A) used B) weren’t used C) didn’t use D) were used
3. He … very overweight but he’s much slimmer now.
A) is B) has been C) used to be D) was used to be
4. -Did you use to have lots of free time before you started
working here?
-Yes, … .
A) I had B) I did C) you did D) you had
5. I used to earn a lot of money, but then I … my job.
A) lose B) lost C) had lost D) will lose
6. … time to finish the report today?
A) Have you got B) Are you having
C) Do you got D) Do you have got
7. –Where’s Jill? –She … a rest in her room.
A) has B) has had C) has got D) is having
8. He can run very fast. He … very fit for his age.
A) is B) used to be C) was used to being D) is being
9. She … a lot of friends when she was younger.
A) has B) had C) has got D) had got
10. There … only a few houses in this area.
A) used to be B) used to was
C) used to were D) were used to be
11. Do you remember how … listen to music all the time?
A) did we use to B) were we used to
C) we used to D) we were used to
12. … hours in front of the mirror when you were young?
A) Did you use to spend B) Used to you spend
C) Were you used to spending D) You used to spend
13. They … in London, but they moved to Wales.
A) live B) used to live C) never used to live D) are living
14. When I saw Jill in the street, we had … for a while.
A) a chat B) a rest C) a drink D) a cold
15. When I came home, they … a meal. Then I joined them.
A) had B) had got C) were having D) used to having
Test 5
1. … you like to join us for dinner tonight?
A) May B) Can C) Would D) Could
2. We … make sandwiches. There’s a café.
A) mustn’t B) needn’t C) couldn’t D) didn’t have to
3. You’ll be leaving college soon. You … think about your
A) can B) could C) must D) have
4. Emma has a toothache. She might … go to the dentist.
A) have to B) must C) can D) could
5. You … wait in my office if you like.
A) could B) may C) must D) might
6. They booked a table for dinner. But the restaurant was
empty. They … a table.
A) needn’t book B) didn’t need to book
C) needn’t have booked D) don’t have to book
7. That door doesn’t shut properly. You … slam it every
A) needn’t B) have to C) can D) mustn’t
8. … you tell me the time, please?
A) Have to B) May C) Must D) Could
9. I … go to the airport. I’m meeting someone.
A) have to B) must C) could D) can
10. Daniel hadn’t booked a seat, but luckily the train wasn’t
full. He … stand.
A) needn’t have stood B) didn’t need to stand
C) needn’t stand D) couldn’t stand
11. -… I borrow your calculator.
-Well, I’m using it at the moment.
A) Could B) Must C) Have to D) Needn’t
12. Each passenger … take one bag onto the plane. It’s
allowed by the airport rules.
A) must B) needn’t C) could D) can
13. Life … be easy when you have to spend it in a
A) can’t B) must C) needn’t D) mustn’t
14. Emma … go to the dentist yesterday
A) must B) needn’t C) had to D) might
15. The previous owners had already decorated the flat, so
we … it ourselves.
A) mustn’t decorate B) needn’t have decorated
C) can’t have decorated
Test 6
1. People … break their promises.
A) must B) ought C) needn’t D) shouldn’t
2. I’m quite happy to walk home. You … drive me home.
A) mustn’t B) needn’t C) should D) have to
3. Your clothes smell and you have got a cough. You …
A) have to B) needn’t C) shouldn’t D) ought
4. If you have got a ticket, you … queue. You can go
straight in.
A) must B) don’t have to C) should D) mustn’t
5. He wanted to became a doctor, but his parents insisted he
… become a lawyer.
A) should B) could C) had to D) must
6. –Why are you late?
–Sorry, I … go to the bank and there was a queue.
A) have to B) had to C) ought to D) can
7. – They lost a lot of money on their investment.
– They … more careful.
A) must have been B) couldn’t be
C) had to be D) should have been
8. Do you really … go now? Can’t you stay a little longer?
A) must B) should C) have to D) can
9. If you … have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask
A) can B) must C) could D) should
10. You … have any problems with Jack. He is such a good
A) mustn’t B) won’t C) should D) needn’t
11. I think it's important that parents … teach their children
to spell.
A) must B) have to C) should D) could
12. Bring very warm clothes. It … when we arrive.
A) must have snowed B) could snow
C) should have snowed D) had to snow
13. You … so much at the party. I had to carry you to your
A) shouldn't have drunk B) can’t have drunk
C) mustn’t drink D) ought to not drink

14. She demands that he … return the books he borrowed
from her.
A) must B) has to C) should D) ought to
15. There’ll be lots of games, so it … be fun.
A) must B) should C) has to D) ought
Test 7
1. If I … time, I’ll do some shopping.
A) have B) had C) will have D) had had
2. If the camera is on, a red light … .
A) appear B) appeared C) would appear D) appears
3. I could help you if you … me more.
A) trusted B) will trust C) would trust D) had trusted
4. If I spoke English, my job … a lot easier.
A) is B) were C) would be D) had been
5. If there’s something wrong with your laptop, … this
A) phones B) phone C) will phone D) would phone
6. What would you do if anyone … us to leave?
A) would tell B) tells C) had told D) told
7. If John … here, he wouldn’t be very happy.
A) is B) were C) will be D) had been
8. If he … so young, I’m sure he would be a famous
musician by now.
A) hadn’t died B) doesn’t die C) will die D) died
9. If I had known there was no more work to do, I … in bed.
A) could stay B) can stay C) could have stayed D) stay
10. If we had more money, we’d … somewhere else.
A) lived B) living C) been living D) be living
11. Ann is cooking the dinner. If she … the dinner, she
would help me with my homework.
A) hadn’t cooked B) weren’t cooking
C) would cook D) were cooking
12. He isn’t so keen on cars. If he really wanted to have a
car, he … one last year.
A) bought B) would buy C) would have bought
D) had bought
13. If they … more carefully, they might have understood
what I was saying.
A) had been listening B) were listening
C) hadn’t been listening D) listen
14. If there … no bus, I used to walk a long way home. But I
didn’t mind it.
A) was B) were C) would be D) had been
15. If I … finish work early, I’ll come and help you.
A) could B) must C) can D) would
Test 8
1. The test is about to begin. I wish you all … your books
A) put B) had put C) would put D) have put
2. I wish I … at the wedding, but I was in Tashkent.
A) could be B) could have been
C) can be D) am able to be
3. I … all your dreams would come true in the future.
A) wish B) hope C) think D) sure
4. I wish you … that photo. It was a really good one.
A) didn’t lose B) wouldn’t lose C) hadn’t lost
D) don’t lose
5. Emma refused the offer but her parents wish she … it.
A) hadn’t accepted B) wouldn’t accept C) accepted
D) had accepted
6. She wishes she … . She has a lot to do.
A) can concentrate B) could concentrate
C) can’t have concentrated D) couldn’t concentrate
7. Ann never answers his e-mails. He wishes she … his e-
A) answers B) had answered C) would answer D) answer
8. Why don’t you listen? If only you … to me just this once.
A) would listen B) listened C) had listened D) listen
9. We all wish we … more money, don’t we?
A) had B) have got C) had got D) had had
10. Sarah wishes her life … more interesting. She is often
A) is B) were C) had been D) would be
11. I wish you … still. You are driving me crazy.
A) sit B) set C) would set D) would sit
12. I wish I … in a big city. It’s boring in the country.
A) am living B) lived C) had lived D) will live
13. … this course will help me sharpen my computer skills.
A) I wish B) If C) When D) I hope
14. That radio is on loud. I wish someone … it down.
A) had turned B) turned C) would turn D) turns
15. I wish you … me in front of my friends all the time.
A) wouldn’t embarrass B) don’t embarrass
C) had embarrassed D) will embarrass
Test 9
1. I won’t do anything … you agree.
A) unless B) in case C) only if D) providing
2. I’d better reserve a seat today in case the train … full
A) was B) were C) will be D) is
3. Write the name down … you forget it.
A) if B) when C) in case D) unless
4. We can’t do the job unless we … help.
A) will get B) get C) don’t get D) won’t get
5. You will be tired tomorrow … you stay up late.
A) if B) unless C) in case D) in case of
6. I can’t read … I wear glasses. I’m nearsighted.
A) in case B) unless C) if D) providing
7. The extra lesson will be cancelled … heavy snow.
A) if B) unless C) providing D) in case of
8. Ann took her dictionary away in case I … it.
A) had needed B) would need C) didn’t need
D) don’t need
9. You can improve your English … you study much harder.
A) unless B) in case C) provided D) if only
10. I wouldn’t say that unless I … it.
A) believe B) would believe C) believed
D) wouldn’t believe
11. I can’t read your letters … you type them.
A) if B) unless C) when D) in case of
12. ... something exciting would happen in my life.
A) If only B) In case C) Only if D) Unless
13. We can’t have a picnic … it is a nice day.
A) if B) when C) unless D) providing
14. Melanie is coming this afternoon. … she comes, can you
let her in, please?
A) When B) If C) Unless D) In case of
15. You can go out to play provided that you … your
homework first.

A) finished B) will finish C) don’t finish D) finish
Test 10
1. Did you hear about the ghost? It … by five people.
A) saw B) was seen C) had seen D) has seen
2. This footpath … all the time.
A) uses B) is using C) is used D) used
3. People should … litter in the bin.
A) put B) be put C) putting D) been put
4. All our money and passports … last week.
A) stole B) had stolen C) were stolen D) are stolen
5. A bull … David. He’s now in hospital.
A) has been attacked B) attacks C) has attacked
D) was attacked
6. The new hospital will be opened … the Queen.
A) by B) with C) at D) for
7. –Did you go to Ann’s party?
–No, I … .
A) didn’t invite B) don’t invite C) wasn’t invited
D) invited
8. If you hadn’t helped us, this problem … .
A) couldn’t be solved B) couldn’t have been solved
C) couldn’t have solved D) can’t be solved
9. How … this word pronounced?
A) is B) does C) will D) has
10. The exam was very difficult. Now I wish it … .
A) cancelled B) had cancelled C) would cancel
D) had been cancelled
11. It … all morning.
A) is raining B) has rained C) is being raining
D) has been rained
12. The cheque must be signed … the manager.
A) for B) with C) by D) from
13. Many vegetables … raw. You needn’t cook them.
A) can be eaten B) can eat C) must eat D) had to be eaten
14. When … Pluto … ?
A) did/discover B) was/discovered C) has/discovered
D) is/discovered
15. There's somebody behind us. I think we … .
A) are being followed B) are following C) have followed
D) were followed
Test 11
1. Mark is supposed … a policeman, but I don’t believe it.
A) hitting B) to hit C) to have hit D) to hitting
2. We had the television … last year.
A) repair B) repaired C) to repair D) repairing
3. This building … to have been built in 1998.
A) thinks B) is thinking C) is thought D) thought
4. I might watch this TV programe. It … to be very funny.
A) is supposed B) is supposing C) supposes D) supposed
5. There … to be a very interesting film on TV tonight.
A) says B) is said C) are said D) say
6. We’re … the carpet cleaned.
A) got B) get C) getting D) are got
7. Rita had her rent … by ten per cent.
A) increase B) was increased C) increased D) increasing
8. Jill is going to the dentist. She … her tooth filled.
A) has had B) had had C) will have D) is going to have
9. He had the plumber … the leak in the kitchen.
A) fixed B) to fix C) fix D) fixing
10. … you get your heating checked every year?
A) Do B) Did C) Have D) Are
11. Laure got her shoes … .
A) were repaired B) repaired C) were repairing
D) to repair
12. David has had his electricity … off.
A) was cut B) cut C) cuts D) has cut
13. The storm … to have killed five people.
A) is reported B) reports C) reported D) is reporting
14. It is said that she … great talent as an artist.
A) has B) is having C) to have D) have
15. I was able to get Nicole … to the party.
A) came B) coming C) come D) to come
Test 14
1. Economics … a difficult subject.
A) are B) will C) does D) is
2. This species of … insect is quite rare.
A) a B) an C) the D) -
3. My jeans … washing.
A) needs B) need C) is needing D) are needing
4. I read an interesting … yesterday.
A) newspaper article B) newspaper articles
C) newspapers article D) newspapers articles
5. What would it be like to travel at the speed of … ?
A) a light B) lights C) light D) the lights
6. I wear … when I go out.
A) this glass B) these glasses C) this glasses D) these glass
7. I need … to cut some bread.
A) a bread knife B) a knife bread
C) bread knife D) knife bread
8. Ninety … too heavy for me to lift.
A) kilos is B) kilo is C) kilos are D) kilo are
9. We had … along the park.
A) five-minute walk B) a five-minutes walk
C) a five-minute walk D) five-minutes walk
10. The police … warned motorists to take extra care.
A) has B) have C) are having D) to have
11. He borrowed his … car because his was being repaired
at the time.
A) son-in-law B) son-in-laws
C) son-in-law’s D) son’s-in-law
12. … lesson is concerned with articles.
A) Today's B) Today C) A today’s D) The today’s
13. I found … note in the street.
A) a ten pound B) a ten pounds
C) ten pound D) ten pounds
14. … world’s weather is changing. Pollution is having
effect on our climate.
A) - B) A C) An D) The
15. There’ll be … explanation before the exam on 1
A) a twenty minutes’ B) twenty minutes’
C) twenty minute’s D) a twenty minutes
Test 15
1. … child likes getting hurt.
A) No B) None C) All D) Much
2. I have got two bicycle. … of them are quite old.
A) Both B) Neither C) Either D) All
3. Peter has two brothers, but he doesn’t speak … of them.

A) any B) both C) either D) neither
4. Why do you keep … these clothes?
A) either B) no C) none D) all
5. We've rung all the hotels, and there are … rooms
A) none B) no C) either D) neither
6. We spend … the time reading the papers.
A) most of B) most C) no of D) none
7. Either John or Bill … to the beach today.
A) are going B) go C) is going D) goes
8. Neither of the students … the assignment yet.
A) haven’t finished B) hasn’t finished
C) have finished D) has finished
9. The store has two lifts, and … are out of order.
A) none B) both C) either D) neither
10. Ali as well as all his friends … to study harder to pass
the exam.
A) need B) is needing C) needs D) are needing
11. … his son nor his daughter was at the funeral.
A) Both B) Neither C) Either D) None
12. Neither Harry nor his friends … this book before.
A) have read B) has read C) haven’t read D) hasn’t read
13. Julie speaks … Spanish but also French.
A) both B) as well as C) not only D) either
14. You can either come by bus … take a taxi.
A) and B) but also C) nor D) or
15. Both she and her sister … in New Orleans now.
A) lives B) live C) lived D) living
Test 16
1. We won't have … fun without you.
A) any B) some C) anything D) no
2. Could you post … letters for me?
A) none B) anything C) some D) somebody
3. It's a very simple puzzle. … could solve it.
A) Somebody B) Nobody C) None D) Anyone
4. You'd better go to the shop. We need … tomatoes.
A) no B) some C) any D) none
5. He has been learning English for a year without … results.
A) no B) some C) any D) anything
6. Ann, you have cleaned the whole flat and laid the table.
Are you waiting for … ?
A) nobody B) any C) someone D) anything
7. –How many of these books have you read?
– … .
A) Nothing B) No C) Nobody D) None
8. There was hardly … food left by the time we got there.
A) any B) some C) anything D) no
9. There was an accident at the end of the street, but nobody
… .
A) didn’t hurt B) hurt C) was hurt D) were hurt
10. Nobody can see … future in advance.
A) him B) they C) their D) them
11. If … has any questions, our lesson for today is over.
A) somebody B) anyone C) nobody D) anything
12. –What did you give Ann for her birthday?
– … .
A) None B) Nobody C) Nothing D) Somewhere
13. The teacher asked whether … of us knew the difference
between “no” and “none
A) any B) anything C) some D) nobody
14. Leave me alone! It’s … your business!
A) no B) none C) no of D) none of
15. Would you like … cheese and biscuits?
A) some B) something C) any D) somebody
Test 17
1. … plants need water.
A) Every B) Everything C) All D) Each
2. There are too … cars on the roads nowadays.
A) much B) many C) a lot of D) plenty
3. Vicky has made … progress and so is feeling quite
A) a little B) a few C) little D) few
4. There are six flats. … has its own entrance.
A) Every B) All C) Each D) Few
5. I just can't sleep. I spent … night lying awake.
A) the all B) the whole C) whole the D) whole
6. … you need to pass the exam is to study even harder.
A) Every B) Each C) Whole D) All
7. There were cars parked along … side of the street.
A) all B) both C) each D) every
8. I've spent … life waiting for this moment.
A) whole my B) all my C) my all D) whole of my
9. Melanie is a religious person. She goes to church …
A) all B) few C) many D) every
10. … tourists visited Northern Ireland in the 1980s because
of the terrorism there.
A) a little B) a few C) little D) few
11. Humphrey Bogart's my hero - I've seen … of his films.
A) every one B) everyone C) every D) everything
12. I've got so … work – I have no free time.
A) many B) a lot of C) much D) plenty
13. It's eleven o'clock. Are you going to lie in bed …?
A) all morning B) all the morning
C) every morning D) all mornings
14. The postman doesn't often come here. We receive …
A) a little B) a few C) little D) few
15. Not … students have a real ambition to study at
A) much B) many C) few D) little
Test 18
1. I don’t like people … tell jokes all the time.
A) which B) whose C) where D) who
2. Electronics is a subject about … I know very little.
A) what B) which C) that D) whom
3. Someone … bicycle had been stolen was reporting it to
the police.
A) who B) whom C) whose D) which
4. The shop didn't have … I wanted.
A) what B) that C) which D) where
5. This famous picture, … was damaged during the war, is
worth thousands of pounds.
A) that B) which C) who D) whose
6. Sarah, … you met yesterday, works in advertising.
A) who B) that C) whom D) which
7. Sarah had to work late again, … annoyed Mark.
A) which B) what C) that D) who
8. This is the place … the accident happened.

A) which B) that C) where D) when
9. Do you remember the day … we moved the piano
A) where B) that C) which D) when
10. The reason … Nick came was that he wanted to see Rita.
A) which B) when C) where D) why
11. … Vicky is looking for is a job in television.
A) What B) Which C) Why D) Where
12. A kitchen is a room … you cook in.
A) which B) where C) who D) whose
13. I’ll do everything … I can to pass the exam.
A) which B) who C) why D) that
14. The police blocked off the road, … caused a traffic jam.
A) who B) where C) which D) whose
15. There were 15 questions in the test, all of … were quite
easy for me.
A) whom B) which C) whose D) that
Test 19
1. Tom told us an … story.
A) amusing B) amuse C) amuses D) amused
2. I … at the test results.
A) surprised B) surprising C) was surprised
D) was surprising
3. Tina liked the present … her for her birthday.
A) giving B) gave C) given D) give
4. Flowers … in tropical climates usually have vibrant
A) grown B) growing C) grow D) grew
5. This weather makes me so … .
A) depress B) depressing C) depresses D) depressed
6. I am going to give my grandfather a … stick that I made
A) walking B) walk C) walked D) walks
7. I must say I'm … . I just don't understand
A) puzzle B) puzzled C) puzzling D) puzzles
8. I didn't enjoy the party. It was … .
A) boring B) bored C) bore D) bores
9. An earthquake destroyed the old bridge … in 1980.
A) was built B) has built C) built D) had been built
10. There are many tales about … dragon.
A) a three-heads B) three-heading
C) three-headed D) a three-headed
11. There is only one student … Sunday’s tests to be
A) wanted B) wants C) wanting D) to want
12. Matt lost his watch. He looked everywhere for it.
Finally, he found it in his pants that were in the … machine.
He had washed his watch, but it was still ticking.
A) washing B) washed C) wash D) to wash
13. My children like games … with a ball.
A) play B) playing C) played D) plays
14. When I got onto the roof I felt … .
A) frighten B) frightening C) to frighten D) frightened
15. Please, pass me the book … on the desk.
A) lay B) lying C) lied D) lain
Test 20
1. These puzzles are … for children.
A) too difficult B) enough difficult
C) such difficult D) difficult too
2. I couldn't get close enough … properly.
A) saw B) seen C) seeing D) to see
3. There'll be fifteen people for coffee. Have we got … ?
A) cups enough B) enough cups C) too cups D) so cups
4. The question was … easy that all the students knew the
right answer.
A) such B) too C) so D) enough
5. No wonder you're tired. You've been going to too …

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