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Original Product Description

Product Name:

Reference URL:

Original Price:

Sale Price:

Product Description:

Product Specifications

Range (km)

Weight (kg)

Max Load (kg)

Motor (Watt)

Number of Motors

Battery (apms)


Tyre Size (Inches)

Tyre Type

Product Description Document – MyElectric.com.au

Product Name:

Reference URL:

Original Price:

Sale Price:

Product Description (400 words)


Each paragraph should focus on one feature only.

We need the key information of that paragraph to be in the paragraph title.

  • Double the Power with 500w BLDC Hub Motors

  • Safety First with 120mm Disk Break

  • Say Bye to Bumps with Swing-Arm Suspension

Product Highlights
Product highlights are the best aspects of this particular electric scooter. It can be reworded and based on the product description.
It is highlighting the key aspects of the electric scooter. This is used as “call outs” on the product page to allow a person to quickly scroll through the page and see the most important aspects.

Short Description 1

(50 – 80 words)

Intro Description 2:

(80 – 120 words)

Top 3-4 Features

E.g.: 50km Range •|• 35km/h Top Speed* •|• Semi-Hydraulic Dual Disc Brake

Tag Line:

Product Overview

(40 – 60 words):

1st Unique Selling Point Headline:

1st USP Text (25 words)

e.g. Top speed and types of motors

2nd Unique Selling Point Headline:

2nd USP Text (25 words)

e.g. Range and charging time

3rd Unique Selling Point Headline:

3rd USP Text (25 words)

e.g. Suspension and brakes

4th Unique Selling Point Headline:

4th USP Text (25 words)

e.g. Weight, design, battery management system etc.

1st Feature Description Headline:

1st Feature Description Sub Head:

1st Feature Description Paragraph:

(40 words)

2nd Feature Description Headline:

2nd Feature Description Sub Head:

2nd Feature Description Paragraph:

(40 words)

3rd Feature Description Headline:

3rd Feature Description Sub Head:

3rd Feature Description Paragraph:

(40 words)

4th Feature Description Headline:

4th Feature Description Sub Head:

4th Feature Description Paragraph:

(40 words)

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