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4 english sports day dars ishlanma
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Jizzax shahar xalq ta'limi muassasalari

faoliyatini metodik tа'minlаsh vа tashkil

etish bo'limiga qarashli

17- umumta'lim mаktаbining

Ingliz tili fani о'qituvchisi


4-sinf ingliz tili fanidan

Sports Day

mavzusida tayyorlagan 1 soatlik dars

Technologic map of lesson


Part of the lesson





-to greet pupils using songs

3 min


Repeating last lesson

-to give pupils some questions about last lesson .

6 min


Explaining new theme

-to explain to pupils new vocabulary and theme

10 min


Consolidating new theme

-to consolidate new theme and new words of the theme

20 min



-to mark pupils

3 min



-Giving homework

3 min

Theme: Sports Day

The main aim of the lesson

-to raise irterest of the pupils to learn English language

a) Educational: to up introduce and practice new vocabulary of sports.

-to learn the names of sports and sportsmen.

b)Upbringing: to up bring pupils interest to spending their leisure time useful and interesting .

c)Developing:to develop pupils’ oral speech and learning new words.

-to enable pupils to talk about different types of sport and sportmen.

. Learning outcomes At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to name different types of sport and sportsmens.

Required equipment;Pupils book, Workbook,the DVD,handouts,crosswords,balls

1. Greeting with pupils

-Good afternoon dear pupils \3min\

How are you

Who is on duty today

Who is absent

What season is it now

What is the weather today

What date is it today

What day is it today

Very good my pupils.Are you ready for the lesson

Our slogan:

You don’t have to be great to learn

But you have to learn to be great

Now I want to sing song with you about sport .Lets listen and sing .

Put your right hand in , take your right hand out

Put your right hand in , and you shake it all about .

Do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around .

That’s what its all about !!!

Thank you sit down please but before beginning the lesson I give you some questions.

-What season is it now ?

-Do you like winter ? Why ?

-What is the weather like today ?

Now we revise last lesson.

2.Repeating last lesson:

Pupils our last lesson was about spots games

Today I divide you into 2 groups

1.Football players.

2. Basketball players.

-Now speak please about your group (pupils speak about football and basketball)

The meaning of Football ,,foot’’ and ,,ball’ ’in uzbek ,,oyoq to’pi’’.Football is very popular game.It is motherland is England .People say this game ,,Millions’ games’’.In Spain ,in France,in Russia and in Uzbekistan people say ,,football’’.In German they say,,fusbal’’,in Hungary they say ,,labduragash’’,in America they say,,sokker’’.We play football in special playground. There are 11 footballs players,1 indevidual forwards,half defenders and goal keeper.

The meaning of basketball ,,basket’’ and ,,ball’’ in uzbek ,,savat to’pi’’.Basketball is very popular game.It’s motherland is USA.James Smitt organized this game.If you want to play this game you must be tolerant,adroit and skilful.There are two baskets on 2 columns in basketball’s playground.In every team there are 5 basketball players .You must throw up ball into basket very skillfully.

I ask Do you have school sports day ? When ? What do you do on this day ?

Pupils answer all of the questions .

-Pupils do you know interesting words about sport ?

Lets revise these word looking sport’s pictures !!!

3. Explaining new theme:

Pupils today we shall learn with you sports Day in your school and our sportsmen .But , before learning new words lets do some morning exercises .Please stand up!

Warm up (We do morning exercises)

Now we compose sentences with computer.

Now pupils look at the blackboard and repeat new words


handball-qo’l to’pi




trainers-sport oyoq kiyimi

tracksuit-sport formasi

kneepads-tizza yostiqchasi

Now my pupils open your work books and listen please time of sport’s Da…………

Ok,here’s timetable…..

Foottball is at 9 o’clock

Basketball is 10.45. ……

Handball is at 2.30

Kurash is at 4.40.

I check their activity.

Teacher: Pupils now I shall show you some pictures and you should find what sports is it.

For example:

What sport is it ?

Do you know these sportsmen’s names (pupils look at the pictures and say sportsmen’s names)

4.Consolidating new theme:

For consolidating new theme I want to play with you some games .

The first one is (Ball game).

For this game you should play with ball by touchning it and you must answer to this questions .

What sport do you like and why?

The second (Crossword)

I give you crossword about sports games .For two minut you must complete this.

The third (Advertising)

You must do adverts about your sport’s club .

I mark pupils according to their activities during the lesson .I give to each active pupils medals and gifts.

I congrulate winner group and I give them books.

Homework: Activity 1,2

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