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Licensed by the Mental Hygiene Administration: 

Office of Health Care Quality. Additional 

monitoring is provided by the Maryland 

Department of Juvenile Services

























  The Allegany Home is located 

one mile from Interstate 68 in Cumberland, 

Maryland. From I-68 take exit 44 and turn onto  

Rt. 638 [when coming from the east].  Follow 

Rt. 638, Greenburg Road, for one mile. Turn 

into the first driveway on your right after 

passing Country Club Road on your left. The 

home is located at the top of the driveway.  

At Allegany, I found the support   

I needed to turn my life around. 

They gave me a safe place to 

decide which direction I was   

going to choose. They believed in 

me even when I didn't believe in 

myself."    AD



Jessica had lived in numerous programs 

over many years before coming to San 

Mar. At Allegany, she found acceptance 

and security which enabled her to find her 

true potential and utilize the services 

offered. Jessica was able to address her 

goals through individual, family and group 

therapy  as well as participate in life skill 

development. She graduated from school 

and upon discharge, enrolled in Frostburg 

State University. Jessica now attends the 

University as a Psychology major and feels 

that she has found "my place in this world." 

A program of the San Mar 

Continuum of Care

Allegany Girls’ Therapeutic 

Group Home

Responding to a 

need for a safe place for teen girls 

requiring out of home care, the Allegany Home 

was f


 in 1975 by residents of the 

Cumberland community and workers from the 

local Department of Juvenile Services. The Home 

was licensed by the Department of Juvenile 

Services for 9 girls in a property to which they 

held ownership. Soon after its founding the 

YMCA in Cumberland stepped forward to serve 

as the parent organization offering support to the 

new program.  Over the years as the needs of the 

youth placed into residential care have changed 

and the resources for serving them have continued 

to disappear the board of the Y made the difficult 

determination that their role in the operation of the 

program was no longer an effective use of their 

limited resources. Instead of closing the program 

San Mar was given the opportunity to build on 

what the Y had established and was able to 

increase the services to the level of a therapeutic 

group home. The home is now licensed for eight 

girls and continuing the tradition of caring in the 

Cumberland community. 


Therapeutic Group Home





Specializing in gender specific care      

to adolescent girls since 1978

The Allegany Girls’ Home

Average length of stay: 10 months                      

[may stay longer if warranted by treatment plan] 

Clinical Director: LCSW-C full time in program 

offering individual, group and family therapy.

RN: available by contractual arrangement.

Psychiatric consultations available for all residents 

with medication monitoring. 

Life skills and active recreational programming is 

an integral part of the program. 

There is a 1 to 3 staff to resident ratio with 8 

residents living in the home. 

Girls in the program must not present an active risk 

to the safety of self or others. 

All admissions to the therapeutic group home must 

have a psychiatrist’s or clinical social worker’s 

written recommendation for that level of placement 

prior to acceptance. irritation 

The San Mar Continuum

In addition to the Allegany Girls’ Home, San Mar 

operates a continuum of care for adolescent girls that 

offers the following services on the main campus in 

Washington County, Maryland: 

The San Mar Academy: This 90 day program with 

measurable objectives operates in the Anna  K. Findlay 

residence. It provides students with the opportunity to 

gain practical skills in the technology center, learn 

numerous job skills,  participate in money management 

that will be needed for living successfully outside of the 

system, and be a member of an active and challenging 

adventure program. This program is particularly effective 

for girls who will be returning home or transitioning to 

living on their own following placement. It provides them 

a base for successful living in today’s world. 

The Graff Rsidence: This program on the San Mar can 

serve up to 12 girls. Numerous field trips, service projects, 

and recreation opportunities are included in this program.

The Anderson Transitional Living Home: This long term 

program is available for those girls who have successfully 

completed one of the other San Mar programs.  Girls in 

this program attend school [including college classes when 

appropriate] and may work in the community. While in 

the program they will learn life skills and prepare for 

moving out on their own or continuing college. There are 

many success stories of girls completing this program! 

San Mar Treatment Foster Care and Adoptions: This 

program, founded in 1991, is now the largest of the agency 

and serves both boys and girls of all ages in homes 

throughout Washington and Frederick Counties.  Girls 

who no longer need the high structure of the therapeutic 

group home, may be considered for placement in this 

program. A  recommendation from the treatment team and 

a formal  request from the placing worker is required for 


Educational Services: Upon admission to the program 

assessments shall be completed to determine the 

appropriate educational placement. San Mar advocates 

for the least restrictive level of placement that enables 

the girl to succeed. When the local public school is not 

deemed to be the most effective placement other options 

may include: The Jefferson School’s Intensity 5 

program at the nearby Finan Center may be available, 

or the Allegany County Alternative School.  High 

school graduates may attend the nearby Allegany 

Community College when appropriate. Individual 

tutoring is provided as needed. 

Teen Mother and Infant Program: San Mar offers 

families who have been trained to provide care to teen 

mothers and their infants. Girls learn needed skills to 

become good mothers themselves while in care. 

Jack E. Barr Therapeutic Group Home: This home 

for eight girls is located on the San Mar main campus 

and provides services similar to Allegany.  It was named 

in memory of a long time board member who died in a 

car accident during the construction of the program in 


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