Patient-Mr Stone Doctor- dr. Terrace

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Task 1


Patient-Mr Stone

Doctor- Dr.Terrace


Squence of events-Shoping,event,ambulance

Place- Cambridge street in Town

Description- Suddenly Barbora was faint, she started twitching violently

Reaction to the event-He was scared

Before the event-She had almost fainted a bit dizzy

After event-He called to 999

Past event-Barbora is Ok now

Past events passed out once before about a month ago

Task 2

I was running to catch the bus when suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my side-men birdaniga ogriqni his qilganimda avtobus tutish uchun yugurayotgan edim

Jane had an attack last January but before that she hadn’t experienced anything-Jeynda o’tgan yanvar huruj bo’lgan edi(yurak huruji ) lekin bundan oldin unda hech nima kuzatilmagan(yani hech nima bo’lmagan edi)

Once I sat down for a few minutes, the dizziness went away, but when I stood up it came on all over again-Men biroz vaqtga o’tirganimda bosh aylanishi o’tib ketti lekin yana turgan paytim yana boshlandi

He has been getting these pains for two days now and we were getting really worried,so I had decided to bring him in-unda bu og’riqlar 2 kundan beri va biz juda havotr oldik shuning uchun olib kelishga qaror qildim.

After he had been brought in, he began to feel much better and was discharged-u olib kelinganidan so’ng ozini ancha yaxshi his qila boshladi va ketdi(был выписан)

The fainting ? It just happened abruptly. The next thing I knew she was lying completely flat on the pavement-Обморок ? Bu judayam tez sodir bo’ldi. Keyingi biladigan narsam bu uni tratuarda tekkis yotishi.

The patient suddenly became pale and started to sweat. But not profusely-Bemor to’satdan oqarib ketti va terlashni boshladi. Lekin не обильно.

After the attack MR Jones came to leisurely,which question wether it was seizure-hujumdan kegin Mr Jones sekinlik bilan oziga keldi va bu hujum emasmi deb oylab qoldi.

Embarrassingly,I soiled and wet myself. I wasn’t very pleasant-hijolatli tomoni kir van am bo’ldim. Judayam yoqimsiz holda edim.

She was lying the flat, but bystanders were trying to keep her upright, so she was twitching slowly-u tekkis holda yotardi,lekin yonidagilar uni to’g’ri holatga keltirishga urinishardi shuning uchun u sekin qimirlashni boshladi.



The Emergency Care Service , as a separate and biggest organizational structure in healthcare system was created in line with the Presidential Decree №УП-2107 as of 10.11.1998 and started to function in 2001.

Main tasks of the Center:

• organization and management of activities of the National Emergency Care Service, which meets the modern requirements of responsiveness, high technology and effectiveness;

• Organizational and methodological management over activities and consultative interaction with Center branches in the regions and Republic of Karakalpakstan, monitoring their work;

• Provision of qualified and specialized emergency medical care to inhabitants of Tashkent city and Tashkent region;

• Participation in development and realization of the program on further development of Emergency Care, reduction of disability and mortality of population;

• Retraining and postgraduate education of medical doctors and paramedical personnel, preparing research and scientific-pedagogical personnel on Emergency Health Care;

So about Emergency carry for foreigners…

Emergency health care is available free of charge for visitors in Uzbekistan. There are many clinics that provide a full range of medical services and are specialized in dealing with foreigners in Tashkent.


For those in need of immediate attention, Casualty Departments of ordinary clinics and hospitals can be used. You may need assistance of your guide or someone from your hotel to help with doctors. In provinces few doctors speak foreign languages.


If you are taken to a local hospital and need further treatment, it is advisable to contact either your Embassy/consulate. They can arrange to have you transported or they can oversee your treatment in the hospital.


1-Fire. Location-Bridge street behind Town hall. Fire in the park. Seems everybody in save. The emergency can contact with that girls number.

2-Breaking the house. It was last noght. Only TV was stolen. The front window was broken.

3-Car accident. Need an ambulance. Name:Aice Johnson. Clifat road in front of the cinema. One of the driver can be injured. The behind seet isn’t lookable. And a woman is injured.


1. Emergency case in UK is Covid-19. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK has now reached 460, after the biggest rise in a single day.

It comes as two more people with the virus died in the UK, bringing the total to eight.

One was in their 70s and had underlying health conditions in Dudley, while the other, in Nuneaton, was elderly and had a number of serious health conditions.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the peak of the UK outbreak was expected "in a matter of a couple of months".

He told MPs he was meeting the opposition "first thing" on Thursday to discuss emergency laws that will be set out next week, adding: "The best way for us to beat it is for us to work together."

2. The car accident.

3. So what can I describe in it ? I can say that most of the drivers drink alcohol and drive the car. And it provides the car accident often(about 80 % times)

4.In this situation we don’t need a doctor. We need first of all a policeman ) if the situation is serious, I mean if there is someone who was in jured,in this case we need a doctor. The doctor ask some questions about his/her health and cure him./her.

5. I hope with witness u mean the person who was injured,not someone who saw this accident) so,witness says all thing what he or she was asked for.

6. No I wasn’t in such kinda situations.

7. Loughly, but I wasn’t,haven’t ever seen and read such kinda situatios.
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