Phrasal verb Meaning Example

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Exercise 2-2.


Phrasal verb



Do with


I could do with something to eat.I could do with social research in the field of medicine

Do without



They will have to do without a holiday this years as they have lots of work to do.

Do away with


Women who think about their health must do away with bad habit

Do out of

Prevent from having

He did me out of my rightful in heritance

Make for

Move in the direction of

Let`s make for the city centre and find a restaurant on the way.

Make of

Think (opinion)

What do you make of the latest survey report?

Make off

Leave hurriedly

He made off as soon as he heard their car turn into the drive.

Make up for

Compensate for

The superb food at the hotel made up for the uncomfortable rooms.

Make uo to

To be nice in order to get smth

He made up to her umtil she agreed to help.

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