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General information

  • PIPE, LATVIA project started in October 2002 and will last until October 2003
  • Project is supported by EU Phare program, Cesis District Council and Cesis City Council
  • Project has involved ~ 80 students from 8 schools of Cesis city and the district

Main activities within PIPE, LATVIA

  • Establishment of PIPE class
  • Regional Identity analyses
  • Democracy training for young school leaders
  • Project publicity and promotion
  • Feasibility study for the establishment of
  • business incubator in Cesis
  • Participation in international events

Main achievements

  • Improved
  • practical business and media skills
  • New network is being created
  • Change in attitudes
  • Improved
  • knowledge
  • about
  • entrepreneurship
  • in the region
  • Improved
  • theoretical
  • knowledge

Indirect results

  • Improved language skills
  • Improved word processing skills
  • Improved public presentation skills
  • Ability to process information
  • Improved communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Self-confidence

Things that made progress possible

  • Efficient project team
  • Political support
  • Motivated youngsters
  • Professional experts
  • Regular publicity
  • Financial support

Challenges faced by project team

  • Time pressure
  • Rigid education system
  • Increase motivation and interest
  • among teachers
  • Project sustainability

Future intentions

  • Completion of PIPE, LATVIA project and first PIPE graduation;
  • Preparation of various informative materials (teacher’s manual, report on regional identity issues, etc.)
  • Preparation for PIPE EXPO in 2004
  • Development of follow-up projects, for example PIPE 2

Warmest greetings from all PIPE, LATVIA participants!

Download 3.12 Mb.

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