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Your appointment is complete. Please do not be late for your interview and bring all

required documents. Applicants who arrive late or lack any of the required documents

will be asked to reschedule their appointments.

Per Consular bag policy, you are only allowed to bring your documents and money to

your interview. Everything else should be left outside the Embassy, including cell phones,

keys, food items and etc. 

Please note: The fee for H, L, O,

P, Q, and R visas are USD190.

The fee for all other non-

immigrant visa categories,

including B-1/B-2, F, and J visas

comprise USD160. This payment

may only be made in U.S. dollars.

We recommend you visit our

webpage for information on the

change in fees, the new DS-160

form, and the non-immigrant visa

application process:


Effective February

22, 2016, the U.S.

Embassy in

Tashkent will no

longer accept

Iranian citizens for

interview unless

they are resident in



Confirmation ID: Npi78emIqt

Appointment Date: Friday, October 04, 2019

Appointment Time: 9:00:00 AM

Surname: Sakhibova

Given Names: Ravshan

Passport Number: FA0277565

Barcode Number: AA009ATHNR

Telephone Number: 998977378744

Email Address: NO


3, Moyqurghon street,

Block 5, Yunus Abad district

Tashkent, Uzbekistan 

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