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Freestyle wrestling

  • is a sport that consists in single combat of two sportsmen under certain rules; with the use of various techniques (captures, throws, coups, sweeps, etc.), in which each of the rivals tries to put another on the shoulder blades and win. In freestyle wrestling, unlike the Greco-Roman wrestling, it is allowed to grab the opponent's legs, cut and actively use the legs when performing any technique.


  • From historical sources it is known that in the old days in the British Empire there was a struggle in which wrestlers were allowed to grasp the legs and tricks with the actions of the feet .
  • Currently, the leading countries in free-style wrestling are: the USA, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia.

The most titled freestyle wrestlers

Three-time Olympic champions:

 Alexander Medved - three-time Olympic champion, seven-time world champion

Two-time Olympic champions and six-time world champions:

  • Frank Gotch
  • Sergey Beloglazov
  • Arsen Fadzayev Two-time Olympic champions:
  • Ivan Yarygin
  • Levan Tediashvili
  • Soslan Andiyev
  • Makharbek Khadartsev

The best moments


  • The film "Legendary" (original name "Legendary"), USA, 2010. 2. The film "Hamill / Hammer" (original name "Hamill / The Hammer"), USA, 2010. 3. The film "Born on the Fourth of July" (original title "Born on the Fourth of July"), USA, 1989. 4. The film Fox Hunter (English Foxcatcher)


mastering the topic


  • Where is Alexander Medvedev?
  • Where is Ivan Yarygin?

Thank you for attention.

  • Thank you for attention.

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