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ГБОУ «Московский областной гуманитарный колледж»

  • ГБОУ «Московский областной гуманитарный колледж»
  • Презентация к занятию по
  • английскому языку на тему:
  • “Studying Law” Преподаватель Артеменкова Т.А.
  • 2012г.


  • prosecutor
  • accountancy
  • to participate
  • Tripos
  • conveyance
  • acceptance
  • equity
  • property

Answer the questions

  • Answer the questions
  • How many groups of papers are there in the Law Tripos in Cambridge?
  • What do undergraduates study in the first year in Cambridge?
  • Translate into Russian: “Moscow State Law Academy”?
  • How many chairs are there at the Academy?
  • What types of teachers does the Academy have?
  • Where are you studying law?
  • Do you like your subjects?
  • What subjects are you studying?
  • What is your favorite subject?

Translate from English into Russian

  • Translate from English into Russian
  • The Law Faculty
  • E.U. Law
  • Bachelor of Education
  • prosecutor`s office
  • from this point of view
  • to graduate from university
  • principles of the law
  • criminal evidence
  • the choice of subjects
  • Group One comprises four papers.
  • Paper Sixteen is concerned with Contract and Tort.

Translate from Russian into English

  • Translate from Russian into English
  • История права
  • Международное право
  • Вот список предметов, которые они изучают
  • Группа 4 включает девять тем.
  • Многие выпускники хотят заняться практикой.
  • Они изучают право
  • В разных странах существуют различные научные степени
  • Академия была основана более 70 лет назад.
  • Бакалавр гражданского права.
  • Право, регулирующее деятельность акционерных обществ.

Home Task.

  • Home Task.
  • World Famous Universities Presentations.

Harvard University

  • by students
  • group 030912-31
  • Kochetova N., &
  • Koval T.

Harvard University‘s motto-“Truth“

  • "

Harvard University - one of the most famous universities in the U.S. and around the world, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Faculty Harvard University

  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences with the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, include:
  • Harvard College, for students receiving a bachelor's degree (1636)
  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (1872)

Famous graduated students

  • Natalie Portman - American actress, film producer, film director and screenwriter.

Nobel Peace Prize

  • Roald Hoffman - American chemist,
  • Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • Theodore Richards - American chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry


  • Year at Harvard costs about $ 42,000. At the moment, two-thirds of Harvard students receive financial aid. This also applies to foreigners, including Russian students.

Thank you for attention!

Presentation «Yale University»

  • This work is prepared
  • вy students group 030912-31
  • Breining Tatyana
  • Krupnova Svetlana
  • МОГК «Московский областной гуманитарный колледж»

Yale University is located in New Haven, one of the oldest cities in New England, in Connecticut, it is the oldest and one of the elite universities in the American community, "Ivy League."

Yale was founded in 1701, it consists of twelve units: Yale College, a four-year education that completes an undergraduate degree, postgraduate courses in various specialties, including exact and natural sciences and humanities. It has 10 professional faculties of law, medicine, business, environment, as well as theologians, architects, musicians, artists and actors.

Today 11,000 students are trained from 50 US states and 110 countries in Yale. Campus - over 69 acres of land where there are 225 buildings.

  • Today 11,000 students are trained from 50 US states and 110 countries in Yale. Campus - over 69 acres of land where there are 225 buildings.

Sterling Memorial Library

  • A special pride of University is the library that contains more than 9 million books and is one of the largest libraries in the world.

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

  • Beinecke Rare Yale Book and Manuscript Library was founded in 1963. This place is one of the largest buildings in the world devoted to rare books and manuscripts.
  • Yale University - one of the most expensive universities in the USA, and students have to pay about $ 50 thousand a year for the right to be educated in elite institutions.

Famous Graduates

  • Samuel Robbins Brown
  • Samuel Morse
  • Bill Clinton
  • Gerald Ford
  • William H. Taft.

Motto - "Light and Truth"

Character Bulldog "Handsome Dan"

  • The symbol of Yale is not unique in a variety of souvenirs, but also as a real live bulldog.
  • ГБОУ СПO МО « Московский областной гуманитарный колледж »
  • Презентация
  • по английскому языку
  • на тему: « Princeton University »
  • Авторы
  • студентки II курса
  • группы 030912-31
  • Брылёва Елизавета и Зенкина Евгения
  • г. Серпухов
  • 2012 год

Princeton University

  • Princeton University - private university, one of the oldest and most famous universities in the U.S.. is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Located in Princeton, New Jersey. Founded in 1746. Consists of Princeton college, graduate, and research centers. The University consists of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, leading regional Mccarter Theatre, museum of art and the museum of natural history, and a library named the Harvey S. Firestone, one of the largest libraries in the world. Price at Princeton University reaches 52,670 dollars a year.
  • Degree at Princeton - a unique combination of art and science – oriented research. At Princeton, each student can get education. Princeton students can obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Despite the fact that each department has its own requirements, all students must listen to a certain number of courses that are outside of their specialization and can achieve universal knowledge and skills. Thus, all students are required to listen to the minimum number of courses in the areas of Art and Literature, history, sociology, epistemology and cognition, ethics, morality, science, science and technology. Students also need to learn a foreign language for three or four semesters and listen to a seminar on creative writing.

Most Famous Graduates

  • John Forbes Nash
  • Albert Einstein
  • James Madison
  • Under the authority of God prospers.


  • Established:
  • January 23, 1755
  • Location:
  • Moscow, Lenin Hills
  • Departments:
  • Sociology of law, Philosophy of Law, Legal Ethics, Philosophy and Rhetoric
  • Anuchin Dmitry -
  • famous Russian geographer, anthropologist, ethnologist, archaeologist, curator and founder of the scientific study of geography, anthropology and ethnography at MSU.
  • Andrei Kapitsa –
  • Soviet and Russian geographer, professor of the University of Moscow, Head of Environmental Management, Faculty of Geography, a member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR since 1970.
  • Michael Gorbachev, Nobel Peace Prize 1990
  • Michael Gorbachev, politician, president of the USSR.
  • In 1950 he entered the Law faculty of Moscow State University, graduating in 1955. In 1988 he became chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In March 1990 at the Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev was elected president of the Soviet Union. In 1990 Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize "for his leading role in the peace process which today characterizes important parts of the international community."


  • Reading
  • Oxford - the University Town and Cambridge
  • What is the oldest university in Oxford?
  • When did it open?
  • What is Cambridge famous for?
  • What can you tell me about Cambridge Science Park?
  • This university town is very beautiful.
  • Some of the most intelligent men and women in the country live and work here.
  • The oldest one is Peterhouse, which was founded in 1284.
  • The whole area is in fact very attractively designed, with a lot of space between each building.
  • You can see there many lovely gardens, where the students can read and relax in the summer months.
  • It gives them what they need: a quiet atmosphere, friendly colleagues and the four-hundred-year-old library, which has about five million books.
  • Later the doors of colleges were opened to both men and women.
  • The university now has thirty-five colleges and about thirteen thousand students, many of them from other countries.
  • Home task: page 26 exercise 29

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