Problem cause activities Exercise 1

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PROBLEM CAUSE Activities 1.

Exercise 1.

  1. As Anthony Robbins stated that, every problem is a gift for us and it will only make us stronger by solving it. In my opinion, every person should fight and find solution in his/her issues as no matter what it is. Only by solving problems, we will get valuable experience in the life and this experience will lead us to grow by mentally and physically as well.

  2. I believe firmly that everyone should risk in the life somehow – due to just overthinking or not acting properly, we will miss out more opportunities in the life.

  3. I think, being simple is the greatest thing and gift for us that we should do in our life. As being rich or looking glamorous, or highlighting your edges in the public could lead to diminish your status – as being in “golden middle” is always a great choice.

Exercise 2.
During the child time, toddlers mostly will face of health issues (such as teeth growing, vaccination, etc.). Mostly common health issues of teenagers are injuries, alcohol and drugs, early pregnancy and violence. A bit later, in adolescence time, parents will struggle with their children to find out common language (smoking, depression and self-esteem). During adult time – children are not able to spend more time with their parents. I think this is the biggest problem of this age group. When people get older, their immune system would not be same as their adult time (mostly face up heart and chronic diseases).

As far as I know, not only spending less time while growing children, but not paying attention to his behavior and manner will also influence negatively on personal problems.

Exercise 3.


not thorough, deep, or complete; cursory

To fix

a solution to a problem, especially one that is hastily devised or makeshift


if you do something repeatedly, you do it many times

To figure out

if you figure out a solution to a problem or the reason for something, you succeed in solving it or understanding it

An incident

an instance of something happening; an event or occurrence

A reason

a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event

A likelihood

the state or fact of something being likely; probability

To trigger

an event that is the cause of a particular action, process, or situation

To trace back

if you trace the origin or development of something, you find out or describe how it started or developed

Exercise 4.
Physical cause means that the failure of material items.

Human cause means that humans’ irresponsibility or indifference.

Organizational cause means that to the things happened around the use of inappropriate system, policy or process.

Exercise 5.
2. Look deeper to figure out why the problem is occurring, you can fix the underlying systems and processes that cause the problem.

3. A specific set of steps to find the primary cause of the problem are determining the incident, figuring out what to do to reduce likelihood that it will happen again.

4. An action in one area triggers an action in another, and another, and so on.

5. By tracing back these actions, you can discover where the problem started and how it grew into the symptom you are now facing.

Exercise 6.
Organizational cause - the road is so badly repaired that my neighbor recently has had a misfortune to get the back wheel of her car stuck in one of the enormous potholes outside my gate. She wasn’t only most distressed by the incident but also had to pay for a breakdown truck to pull her car out.
Once I asked my secretary to prepare documents for the conference. She was very responsible, so I didn’t even suspect that she could fail me. But when I came to the office nothing was ready. She said that one of our colleagues made her do his work, and she couldn’t refuse him as she was and aged person human cause.
The thing that worries me most about the world is increasing of ozone hole. There has been dramatic increase in number of cases of skin diseases due to the damage to the ozone layer – physical cause.
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