Proposed 10-Year Regional Plan On Oral Health

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Proposed 10-Year Regional Plan On Oral Health

    • Lessons learned 1993-2006
    • Forty national oral health surveys indicate a marked decline between 35% to 85% in the prevalence of dental caries, attributed mostly to cost-effective salt and water fluoridation programs
    • Burden of oral disease is severe and remains high in certain geographic areas and high risk populations
    • Strong scientific evidence suggests the associations between oral infections, chronic diseases and adverse pregnancy outcomes
    • Best Practice Models on prevention and delivery of oral care

PAHO/IADB Clinical Trials in Ecuador, Panama and Uruguay PRAT PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS AND FAILURE

          • Success Failure
  • Dentist doing amalgam 0.943 0.057

  • Dentist doing ART 0.960 0.040

  • Auxiliary doing ART 0.942 0.058

Scientific evidence suggest that pregnant women with periodontal disease are seven times more likely to deliver PTLBW baby. This risk is much higher than tobacco and alcohol.

Framework for the strategy

  • Primary priority countries:

  • Bolivia, Haiti, Honduras, Guyana, Nicaragua

  • Secondary priority countries:

  • Ecuador, Guatemala, and Paraguay

  • Priority groups:

  • MCH, Children, Women in reproductive age groups, HIV/AIDS, Indigenous groups, Elderly

  • GOAL # 3

  • Scaling-Up of Proven Cost Effective Interventions

  • Salt fluoridation

        • Support Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Saint Lucia to reach full implementation of fluoridation programs
        • Consolidate fluoridation programs with appropriate surveillance

Scale Up Oral Health Coverage Using Cost-Effective and Simple Technologies, PRAT $ 1.50 to treat/seal a tooth

In Summary

  • Best practice model provides a framework to implement at large scale oral health programs

  • We have the evidence and the knowledge that it works

  • Evidence demonstrates feasibility with extreme cost-benefit

  • Implementation requires leadership, commitment to guide downstream investment to improve equity and efficiency and quality of life in the Americas

  • Action by the Executive Committee for government support for dental public health programs and technical Cooperation Plan and Proposed Budget

Trends of DMFT-12 for the Region of the Americas

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