Public Hearing: Water Affairs and Forestry Presented by: Executive Mayor

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Public Hearing: Water Affairs and Forestry

  • Presented by: Executive Mayor

  • Cllr ES Dlamini

  • Water Quality Provision and challenges in ALM : 18 June 2008

Legislation Relevant to the Delivery of Water Services:

  • The South African Constitution (1996)

  • Water Supply & Sanitation Policy (1994)

  • The Water Services Act (1997)

  • Municipal Systems Act (2000)

  • White Paper Revision of Water Services Act (2000)

  • Strategic Framework For Water Services (2003)

South African Constitution – Bill of Rights

  • Enjoy and have access to the environment.

  • All have a right to a safe and healthy environment.

  • Sustainable development.

  • Promote conservation.

  • Section 27 – The right to sufficient food and water.

  • Section 11 – The right to a healthy life (clean water and sanitation).

Performance Indicators contained in the Strategic Framework

  • The Strategic Framework elevates a limited set of key performance indicators for priority attention. Other elements of performance may be monitored, but priority and strategic attention must be given by the regulator (WSA) to these nine key performance indicators listed in the text box below:

  • 1 . Access to basic water supply

  • . Access to basic sanitation supply

  • . Quality of services: Potable water quality

  • . Quality of services: Continuity of supply

  • . Access to free basic services (water)

  • . Access to free basic services (sanitation)

  • . Financial performance: Affordability and debtor management

  • . Asset management: Metering coverage and unaccounted-for water

  • . Protection of the environment: Effluent discharge quality

Performance Measures to be monitored by ALM

  • 1. Access to a basic water supply service

  • 1.1 percentage access to at least a basic water supply

  • 1.2 absolute backlog

  • 1.3 rate of reduction in backlog

Performance Measures to be monitored by ALM…..contd

  • 3. Drinking water quality

  • 3.1 programme for water quality monitoring in place

  • 3.2 water quality indicator i.e samples passing SANS 241

  • . Impact on the environment

  • 4.1 status of effluent treatment works

  • 4.2 effluent quality monitoring system in place

  • 4.3 percentage samples passing the minimum standard

  • 4.4 assessments of treatment works

Performance Measures to be monitored by ALM….contd.

  • 5. Strategic asset management and water demand management

  • 5.1 meter coverage

  • 5.2 metering efficiency (unaccounted for water)

  • 5.3 asset management plan in place

  • 5.4 audited water services asset register

  • . Customer service standards

  • 6.1 continuity of water supply: number of households experiencing an interruption of greater than 48 hours per incident

  • 6.2 continuity of water supply: number of interruption of greater than 6 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours per incident per 1000 connections

Performance Measures to be monitored by ALM….contd.

  • 7. Financial performance

  • 7.1 water services financial audit

  • 7.2 collection efficiency

  • 7.3 average debtor days

  • 7.4 financial self-reliance

  • 7.5 average domestic tariff

  • . Institutional effectiveness

  • 8.1 number of employees per 1000 connections

  • 8.2 WSA annual report submitted to the Minister

  • Source: National Water Services Regulation Strategy

The Big Question?????

  • Do we have the resources to perform the WSA functions?


  • Albert Luthuli's municipality WSDP is outdated and needs to be revised (2003)

  • DWAF & DBSA are currently assisting in developing or updating WSDP

Functions (WSA)

  • To improve the efficiency of drinking water treatment and thus the quality of drinking water supplied

  • To enhance quality of results as being received from laboratory

  • To enhance efficiency of treatment procedures

  • To protect public health , etc

Ground Water (Info)

  • Very little information on Ground Water

  • The NWRS indicated that the ground water in the Inkomati WMA were within the ideal range for domestic use at any location

  • Thus, the ground water quality is very good in the WMA with most boreholes within the Class 0 quality range which makes the water for drinking, food preparation, bathing and laundry ideal

  • According to the Mpumalanga Water Services Planning Reference Framework and the Inkomati ISP (2004), it is evident that water quality monitoring is not adequately done based on the number of monitoring points available in the IWMA

Surface Water Quality (Info)

  • Although water quality would appear to be fit for the purpose for which it is intended to be used currently, there is a concerning trend of declining quality and an increase in the threat of potential pollution activity

  • The nutrients’ concentrations in the rivers are increasing steadily

  • The Electrical conductivity is also increasing in all the rivers in the IWMA

  • Whilst a monitoring system is in place, technical committees need to be set up in all the sub-catchments to aid in the monitoring of the water quality as in the Crocodile Catchment

  • Since water is only as good as its quality, water quality issues are very important in the IWMA where all the different types of water users are found

Water Quality test (outsourced)

  • Tests are conducted by private service provider (Mpumamanzi) in a weekly basis.

  • The results are tabled before Technical Portfolio Committee in a monthly basis.

  • DWAF test results are also submitted monthly to the municipality and then, tabled before Portfolio Technical Committee

Institutional role players

  • National

  • Provincial

  • DWAF

  • DPLG

  • Stakeholders, etc

Role and Assistance

  • The municipality is currently involved in the implementation of the following water services projects: (Role and assistance by different sector departments)

Capital projects – 2007-2009

Capital projects (cont)

Capital projects (cont)

Technical and Scientific Skills

  • No scientific skills

  • 1x Technician responsible for water quality

  • 1x (vacant new) who will be responsible for water and sanitation.

  • 1x Assistant Director responsible for civil works

  • 1x (vacant new) assistant director position - who will be responsible for water quality and sanitation-2008/9)

  • Plant operators

Minimum requisites to comply


  • Meeting international requirements – operating rules are being developed in the Inkomati WMA.

  • Ecological requirements, e.g.

      • Operating rules to ensure ecological requirements are met
      • Monitoring of ecological indicators
      • Reserve determination


  • Equal or fairly Distribution of water.

  • Continued high quality water transfers to the Olifants catchment for power generation

  • Sappi paper mill at Ngodwana: effluent has been disposed of through irrigation and the salts that have accumulated in the soils (especially chlorine) are leaching into the Elands and thus the Crocodile River

  • A more detailed groundwater information

Way Forward

  • Implement continuous training for plant operators

  • Upgrade and refurbish all treatment plants in Albert Luthuli Municipality area of jurisdiction.

  • Notify affected communities regularly of the threat posed to the quality of drinking water or treatment works that requires urgent refurbishment

  • Public Awareness and involvement

  • Develop a credible laboratory in order to comply with all relevant legislations

  • Optimising process control at water treatment plants

  • Submit annual report to the minister for compliance


  • Develop an appropriate model for the Water Service Authority

  • Develop/update water services development plan for Albert Luthuli Municipality

  • Develop credible laboratory for the municipality in order to conduct tests in a regular basis.

  • Allocation of resources in line with the Strategic Framework and the WSDP.

  • Sufficient funding availed for drinking water quality management and control.

  • Adequate human resources (Skills retention policy)

  • Subsequent to the latter compliance can be achieved!!!

Thank You

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