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The world health organisation says it doesn't recommend trade and traveler restriction in the weak outbreak. For that has not least 22 countries imposing some form of travel restrictions of people coming from the China they include the US , Israel, the Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand and North Korea, Indonesia and Iran which have issue temperly travel bans on people travelling or transmiting or transiting rather from the mainland China's neighbors like Russia, Mongolia and Nepali are close in the borders checking points one others introducing stricted controls one Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and Mozambique have temporarily stopped issuing visas to Chinese nationals . The 38 airlines across the world has stopped suspended operations to and from China.

Something else to face to be spreading fast the communities begin small due to immigrants and missing information, Ander Shephol has more.

The coronavirus outbreak has let the complaint about the rise Chinese sentament around the world. In France, for example, the hushteg 'I am not a virus ' has been used to share stories believing school yards, city Streets and that fastal treatment by the media.

Original newspaperhas had apologized for this headline that used to phrase yellow lord valgins like this one psychiar are wide-spread of people appearing the cover sitting next to someone who is Asian.

Sun Lay Tan ( local resident. Paris) Ouzindi mi tro yo going to work 'Can I sit down in the seat, and a person sitting next to me moved over by few in the media's. Peter moved if you meet us would have but at least just a few thing meetsb eating competence mode of scarf. I was shocked and speachless didn't know why and didn't have won a fan flying. So I didn't say anything but I really wanna tell what you done that wasn't okay . The first time saving to me.

Laetitia Chhiv. French- Chinese youth association. Paris. : We have seen awakening races and what we already news that which is now completely alternly open would words behaviour disrespectful impolite or even clearly raisest.

In media are lots of all open the across in Australia are facing criticism for cartoons and headlines, the rainforce, old entire Asian stereotypes. As are businesses like this netslang in Vietnam which has bang their Chinese customer not the stories naturally make people feel very uncomfortable and unwelcome inner our communities Brian Liven is the director of the centre for the study hidden extremism are Colifornia's state University San Bernardino, he says that ignorance and his information of the coronavirus the big apply.

Brain Levin California state University San Bernardino

Fragelious works which we regarded to jump some people might just be honest fearful but ignorant and we migrate, travel polorize time with the information flow sometimes is stove pite with people are talking other conspiriences or ignorant people are involved we learn if people feel fear with three parts of ridiculous is the cognitive how we experience and perceive something the others have emotionally we feel about and how do we behaviourly respond with and unfortunately when this surfed of ignorance that will allow that will like final, that will allow other negative stereotypes are to take rude that's why so important the govern ain't reason s officials to be a head of the way and explain the best they can about the rest indeed the US we have thousand found thousand of people are die from the traditional flow every year you have to putting some kind of perspective when we're reporting this kind of things.

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