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Lesson 12

Research Issues

L ook at the following pictures and answer the following questions.
1. What are the specialists busy with?
2. What is their common objective?

Work in pairs. Read and talk about the situations you might have with the similar dialogue.
Share the cases with the whole group.

(T8) Listen and decide whether the sentences are true (T) or false (F).

1. The interviewer is a senior student of one of the Higher Educational Establishments

of Jizakh city.________________________
2. The interviewee is a professor who carried out his research in the area of
3. Within three years dating to 2007 the interviewee accomplished his research.
4. The scientist points out that experience, resources and samples are important issues of the research.
5. The scientist says that reference is needed to show where the source idea is taken.
6. The interviewee states that the samples are like frames which acquaint the reader with the whole process of the research.
7. The scientist says that with the time limit the researcher gets stimulated._________
8. The interviewee mentions that the research works form our thoughts from
scientific point of view._______________
The scientist says that only few of the researches direct us to implement the
practical part of the research in real life.
10. The interview infers that the student is going to follow the scientist’s explanations in her future research.

3 Read the quotes of great scientists about research and paraphrase them explaining

your understanding.

Work in groups of four or five. Think about outstanding scientist who did the research in your field of study. Prepare a two-minute report about the scientist using leading questions below

Leading questions
Who and what are they?
What were their fields of research?
How long did their research last?
To what extent their researches were topical at their time?
What novelty did they bring to the community?
Do you tend to continue similar researches?

6 Use proper transition words to connect.
a. Undergraduate students are usually too immature to live away from home. They are too irresponsible.
b. Sophomores should practice short-term research actions at the prior stage of their education.
They should reinforce their skills._____________
c. Scientists encourage their apprentices to be more creative and imaginative towards the field of
exploration. They are likely to feel inspired by being piloted via the projects._______________
d. People use 43 muscles when they frown. They use only 28 muscles when they smile._____________

11 Develop a hypothesis or thesis statement focusing on one of your field of study issues
following the steps below.
Topic: Research in Uzbekistan
Issue: Changes in Research in Uzbekistan_________
Research Question: How has research carrying changed since Uzbekistan got its independence?
Hypothesis/Thesis statement: As education has been reformed over the last two decades, current system
guarantees the youth of Uzbekistan to be prioritized for staying in partnership together with international
scientific projects.
Topic: _______________________________________
Research Question:
Hypothesis/Thesis statement:

12 Underline the thesis statement in the following passage.
His name is Maksud. In his senior year of high school, he was considered to be one of the most talented young people at his school. He was heavily qualified at the college and university, and his future seemed bright indeed. Within a few years, his brightness had blackened for one reason: drugs.

13 Develop your own research thesis narrowing a theme in your field of investigation.

I n October, 2013, during the archaeological

research the Mammoth (Ice Age Elephant)
remains were discovered under the soil layers
of the Ahangaran River canyons near Tashkent.
According to the reports the remains to be 1.6
million years of antiquity. Uzbekistan has been
listed as the fourth world’s country after Serbia,
Russia, Italy with the same fossil findings dating
to the Ice Era.

Work in pairs and compare research conducting in history and modern time.
Present the differences and similarities.

Read the story below and point out conducting research process mentioned in the text.

9 Work in teams of three and work out a possible future research process for a specific issue
that interests you.

Boqiyeva F., Rashidova F. Scale Up Course 2. Student’s Book. G.Gulom, 2015
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