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Ref: MP-1257


Living Area  

600 m²


18.300 m²






2.850.000 €




Spectacular villa in Santa Maria with lovely panoramic views of the mountains and fields as well as good location being only

a few minutes drive from the village and approx. 10-15 min drive to Palma. The house built with a french countryside design

and light natural stone floors, has undergone renovations done that began a few years ago but haven't fully been completed

allowing the new owner to modify any changes to their preference. Built on two floors, the ground floor presents itself with

a large entrance hall and grand staircase to the second floor. Furthermore, the ground floor is comprised of a living-dining

room, library, office, kitchen, laundry room as well as a comfortable guest room with an en suite bathroom. The second floor

offers 2 bedrooms with terraces and a bathroom, along with a large master bedroom with a spacious master bathroom and

terrace with beautiful views. The villa also has a basement with a charming wine cellar, an outdoor pool and helipad.

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Ref: MP-1257

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