Reflection paper

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Reflection paper 1
Семинар 3. Juraeva Madina, Task for seminar 6, Task for Seminar 7., LESSON PLAN fruit .

Reflection paper
In this assignment, you are asked to write a report (preparing a ppt is optional) answering the following questions on the content of the study materials given in the current subject topic in no less than 250 words.
✅ How can you explain the differences between teaching methods and principles in language teaching?
Illustrate your answer with examples.
What is Communicative language teaching method from your point of view?
✅ What are the 3 key concepts that you learnt from the pages?
Illustrate your answer with examples.

  1. “Methods are many, but principles are few. Methods always change. Principles never do.” What this means is that principles stand the test of time. Methods can be thought of as how those principles are put into action. As our teacher mentioned “In teaching, beliefs and theories that teachers hold concerning effective approaches to teaching and learning and which serve as the basis for some of their decision-making”. A method is a plan for presenting the language material to be learned and should be based upon a selected approach. Every teacher has their own teaching methods. In teaching English, it is very important to choose the right approach and teach through an interesting method. I want share with my own experience. When I was at practice, I had to teach English to middle school students. and I was preparing for the lesson with a student-centered approach. but unfortunately for kindergarten children, this was a completely wrong approach.

  2. The communicative approach is based on the idea that successful language learning comes at the cost of conveying real meaning. When students engage in real communication, their natural language acquisition strategies are used, allowing them to learn how to use the language. The main purpose behind communicative language teaching methods is to prepare students to be confident communicators in different real-life contexts, through repetitive oral practices and student-student cooperation.

  3. From the current topic I learned a lot of thing. They are Approaches, methods and techniques. As a future teacher we need to know how to choose the right approach. It is necessary to know how to choose a method depending on the ease or difficulty of the subject. In addition, I learned to use appropriate techniques for each activity.

Download 15.6 Kb.

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