Review of Notifier Status Capabilities

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Notifier Status Workshop Verizon East


  • Overview of Notifier Status

  • Review of Notifier Status Capabilities

  • Accessing Notifier Status

  • Demonstration of Notifier Status

Overview of Notifier Status

  • Notifier Status will provide CLECs with the ability to access real time PON status information in an online, self-service mode through the Local Service Interface (LSI).

  • CLECs will be able to query their PON status information, regardless of interface used to submit the PON, through two different options:

  • Query results will be available for viewing online or they can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel.

Review Of Notifier Capabilities

  • Search by Notifier Type

  • Enables CLECs to view all PONs in a particular notifier status.

  • Queries can be performed for the following notifier types:

      • Acknowledgement (ACK)
      • Local Service Confirmation (LSC)
      • Query
      • Jeopardy (JEP)
      • Canceled (CAN)
      • Provisioning Completion Notice (PCN)
      • Billing Completion Notice (BCN)

Review Of Notifier Capabilities

  • Searches can be narrowed through a selection of a particular state and/or appropriate date-range options

  • Date ranges are available for up to 60 Calendar Days prior to the current date of the search.

Review Of Notifier Capabilities

  • Notifier Search by PON(s)

  • Enables CLECs to view status associated with a particular PON or group of PONs, as specified by the user.

  • Based on the selected search, CLECs will be able to view the following information for each relevant PON.

    • PON
    • PON Version
    • LSR Number
    • State
    • Notifier Status
    • Status/Notifier Sent Date/Time
    • Account Telephone Number (ATN)
    • PON Create Date/Time
    • PON Confirmed Due Date/Time

Accessing Notifier Status

  • The Verizon Connectivity Management Team will establish access for the selected individuals.

  • Process to Obtain Access

    • Notify the Connectivity Management Team via email for access request.
    • The CMT will respond with verification via email.
  • Each CLEC will be assigned one user to access this functionality.

Demonstration of Notifier Status

Notifier Status

Download 444 b.

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