Roberto Clemente by: Chaz “the all*” Ferguson

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Roberto Clemente

  • BY: Chaz “the all*” Ferguson

When he was young

From Amateurs to the Pros

  • He played amateur baseball with Juncos Double A Club and soon went on to play with the Santurce Crabbers in the Puerto Rican Winter League. 

  • From Santurce he signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers and was assigned to play for their top affiliate, the Montreal Royals.

  • In 1954, the Pittsburgh Pirates obtained Roberto with the # 1 pick of the draft, which was awarded to the Pirates.  Clemente joined the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1955, where he played  his entire eighteen year Major League Baseball career from 1955 to 1972. 


  • He achieved many things like opening the door for the Latino's the dominate in baseball

  • He is famous because he was the man on the Pirates that could do it all. Here are other reasons he was the greatest baseball player in his time

He was good

  • 12 Time Gold Glove Winner

  • 12 Time National League All-Star

  • Batted .311 or Higher in Thirteen Seasons

  • Four National League Batting Titles

  • 1966 National League MVP   1971 World Series MVP    Eleventh Major League Player to Record 3,000 Hits Uniform Number 21 Retired by Pittsburgh  Pirates in 1973

Death of a hero

  • A plane was taking medical, food and clothing supplies to earthquake stricken Nicaragua.  Vera and friends begged him not to take the trip, but Roberto was determined.  He was infuriated that the previous supplies had not made it to the victims.  Roberto was going to personally see to it that the victims received the much needed supplies.  Unfortunately, the plane went down off the coast of Puerto Rico.  Roberto's body was never found.  Just months after Roberto joined an elite group of players with 3,000 hits, he was gone. 

Hall of fame

  • As some as the hall of Fame committee herd of his tragic death , they overthrew the 5 year wait and inducted him into the hall of fame on August 5 ,1973

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