Ronald Reagan a biography about Ronald Reagan by Graham Girdler

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Ronald Reagan

  • A Biography about Ronald Reagan by Graham Girdler


  • Ronald Reagan was born on Feb. 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois.

  • He attended high school in near by Dixon.

  • He went to college at Eureka, studied economics, and sociology. He played on the football team and participated in school plays.

  • This is his family This is his childhood home.

Life after College

  • Ronald went on to be a sports radio announcer for the Iowa Hawkeyes football team.


  • A screen test in 1937 won Reagan a contract in Hollywood to be in a feature film.

  • In the next 20 years, Reagan was in 53 films and became President of the Screen Actors Guild.


  • Reagan’s first marriage was to actress Jane Wyman.

  • They had two children Michael (who was adopted) and Maureen (who died in 2001).

  • In 1952 he got remarried to another actress named Nancy Davis. They had two kids named Patricia and Ronald.

  • His second marriage

Gov. of California

  • When Ronald was President of the Screen Actors Guild his political views shifted to a more conservative, Republican point of view.

  • As this happened he toured the U.S. as a TV host and then became a corporate spokesman.

  • In 1966 Reagan was elected Gov. of California by one million votes and was re-elected in 1970.

  • Reagan in office


  • Ronald Reagan won the 1980 presidential nomination for the Republicans and chose George Bush for his running mate.

  • Ronald Reagan won 489 to 49 electoral votes against Jimmy Carter.

  • Ronald Reagan was sworn in on January 20th, 1981. Sixty-nine days later was shot in the chest in a assassination attempt. He recovered quickly. This made his popularity soar.

  • Reagan helped the economy grow, increasing employment, spending 35% more on national defense, and cutting taxes.

  • In 1984 Reagan was re-elected and beat Walter F. Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro by a landslide.

  • In 1986 Ronald Reagan over hauled income tax presidential

  • which eliminated many portrait deductions.

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