Rukhsora murodova. Group 215 compare contrast essay about uzbek tourism business

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compare contrast essay about tourism business.R.MURODOVA
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Tourism for many countries serves not only as a major source of inflow of export profits, but also as a pushing force for an economic growth. Thanks to both foreign and local tourists’ demand, development of many other sectors of the economy, agriculture and industry of services are also stimulated. Without any doubt, Uzbekistan has the greatest tourism potential among other Central Asia countries. It possesses 9th place on the numbers of resort and historical destinations for attraction. However, it should be noted that in Uzbekistan there exists a case of underutilization of existing potential in comparison to other countries that have the same conditions for attracting tourists. In this essay, first I’ll explain perspectives and then issues related to tourism business.

On the one hand, Uzbekistan has rich and historical, cultural heritage, ancient traditions and arts can attract many foreigners. And also, there are uncompetitive advantages of the national tourist product which is a significant number of historical, archaeological, architectural and natural sites. Including those associated with the Great Silk Road, which has attracted major flow tourists into the country. And also, there are many agents help tourists, I think that unnumbered good sides of Uzbek tourism business if I count by one one.
On the other hand, important issues as arranging visa issues for foreign tourists, licensing and certification of tourism companies, taxation, border-crossing and customs regulations, logistics of tourism, the market of air passengers’ transportation and other issues must solve with the particular and technological ways. Because, most tourists face mostly this kind of problems.

To sum up, tourism could easily become the most important uzbek industry in terms of incomes, job creation, and number of people benefiting from its direct and indirect impacts. Nevertheless, it does not have right place in the economy of Uzbekistan, I think.
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