Saminjonov Sanjarbek Self-study 3 Task

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Saminjonov Sanjarbek
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Saminjonov Sanjarbek
Self-study 3
Task 3.1.

  1. C

  2. D

  3. A

  4. A

  5. B

  6. C

  7. C

  8. B

  9. D

  10. A

  11. A

  12. D

  13. A

  14. B

  15. C

Task 3.2.

  1. B

  2. C

  3. B

  4. B

  5. A

  6. B

  7. D

  8. A

  9. A

  10. D

  11. B

  12. D

  13. B

  14. D

  15. D

Task 3.3. Summary
The conclusion is that avoiding this crisis situation is not realistic, but it is possible to prepare. In this difficult economic situation, there is a remarkable and appropriate statement: if warned in advance, then armed.
Task 3.4. Letter writing
Dear Mr/Mrs
I am writing to writing to complain about the service. I recently had my computer fixed at the local computer store however I am not pleased with service my received.
I turned it on when I brought it in and it didn`t work as well as it used to. I am frustrated that my computer is running slow and programs are freezing. I gave him two days to fix it, but he fixed it in four days.
In my spare time, I take my computer and fix it. I hope this doesn`t happen again. Please check the speed of my computer again, it is very slow and sometimes freeres.
I am very disatfisfied with your service and I would like a full refund.
I look forward to hearing from you soon
Yours sincerely
Anna Jansone
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