Самостоятельная работа Тема 1 a review on " Funny English" website. Website of the month of May is "Funny English"

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Самостоятельная работа

Тема 1

A review on " Funny English" website. Website of the month of May is "Funny English".

The aim of this webpage is to make the learning process interactive and interesting for various level learners. The best features of this website are:

- it is helpful platform for young and old learners;

-learners can easily do some activities and share their results with others;

-learners can watch soap operas with subtitle in different languages, and if they are in an intermediate level they can create by themselves subtitles;

-learners beforehand can download any assignment and give them to check to proficient teachers.

I would recommend this a very good website to all English learners. In my point of view the best tool and platform to learn and discover English language can be thought "Funny English " website.
Download 13 Kb.

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