Sandy Ridge Trail System 62700-62702 e barlow Trail Rd

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Sandy Ridge Trail System 

62700-62702 E Barlow Trail Rd 

Brightwood, OR 97011 


Contact info 

Bull Run Watershed 

Please note that the Sandy Ridge Trails are 

next to the Bull Run Watershed Management 

Unit. Entering the Management Unit is strictly 

prohibited and punishable under federal law. 

one of the better days you’ll spend on a bicycle. 


Know before you go 

Open Hours 

The Sandy Ridge Trail System is open YEAR ROUND. 


Riders use HOMESTEAD ROAD to access trails. 

Most trails are meant to be travelled in DOWNHILL DIRECTION only. 

No Fees 


 are ALLOWED but must be LEASHED (max. 6 feet) in the 

parking lot.  Please dispose all pet waste in trash receptacles. 

Wet Trails

 are susceptible to damage.  When trails are wet, please consider 

other riding options. 


The Sandy Ridge Trail System is about 40 miles east of Portland off US Hwy 26.  At about 

11 miles east of Sandy, Oregon, take a left on East Sleepy Hollow Drive.  Then take the 

second right turn onto East Barlow Trail Road.  After one mile on East Barlow Trail Road

look on the left for the Sandy Ridge Trailhead sign.  There is parking for about 50 vehicles. 

Welcome to the Sandy Ridge Trails! 

Twist and shout as you glide down 15 plus miles of mountain-bike specific single track. From beginners 

and families to advanced riders catching air, Sandy Ridge has become one of the “go-to” destinations 

for mountain biking in Oregon. Designed for flow, these trails are a short jaunt from Sandy and west of 

Mt. Hood.  If you stay on the trails and out of the Bull Run watershed, riding the Sandy Ridge Trails is 

Photo by Leslie Kehmeier, IMBA 

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