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The Sanga language group will receive the Scriptures for the first time. Because no mother tongue Bible 

exists, animistic religion holds many in bondage, and churches need growth. About 70 percent of the Sanga 

profess to be Christians.

Meet the




Quick Facts

Location: Nigeria

Number of Speakers:  


Expected Completion:  




      The Bible’s divine authority 

and power will cause false 

belief systems to fall away in 

people’s lives.




[ S A N ’   -   G A ]





The Gospel of Luke in 

print and audio;  

the “JESUS” film;  

Bible-based stories 

and songs; reading and 

writing books.

Luke Partnership has much 

experience in managing cluster 

projects. Focused and technical 

leadership is a tremendous asset. 

Engagement of the Sanga language 

group is ongoing. This project will 

lay the groundwork for further 

Scripture translation.

Luke Partnership, 

local churches, SIL (an 

international linguistics 

organization), Great 

Commission Movement of 

Nigeria, Nigeria Evangelical 

Missionary Institute,

Wycliffe Associates.

While the Plateau area has been 

stable of late, unrest is prevalent 

and the situation could 

destabilize. Most consultants 

are Nigerian, so if their families 

become displaced, focus on 

Bible translation will be difficult.




      Congregations plan to use 

God’s Word in the mother tongue 

to facilitate church growth, Bible 

studies and discipleship.

      As Sanga Scripture becomes 

available, local believers will 

exhibit Christ-like love for one 

another and share their faith.

Many Sanga speakers worship a supreme being through 

mediums. Syncretism and fear of spirits are the sad result of this 

traditional belief. First introduced by missionaries in the 1920s 

and 1930s, Christianity is of little influence in people’s daily lives. 

They feel it is inferior to the majority religion. The Plateau area is 

nicknamed “The Home of Peace,” but clashes between Christians 

and followers of the dominant religion have fractured this image 

in recent years.

Church workers set a high priority on helping new Sanga 

believers resist the temptation to return to their ethnic beliefs. 

But this is often an uphill battle since social pressures to remain 

in the old ways are strong. Shallowness of Bible understanding 

leaves young believers unstable in their newfound faith and 

entices them to rely on both Christ and capricious spirits. The 

truth that “the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit 

who lives in the world” (1 John 4:4 NLT) has yet to make a 

permanent home in many of their hearts.

The economic situation in Sanga communities is generally poor 

since most are subsistence farmers. The majority grow and sell 

produce to meet their day-to-day needs.

PRAYER | Lord, please pour Your love upon the Sanga people and 

shower Your blessings upon them in the form of mother tongue 

Scripture. Hold out to them the abundant promises contained in 

Your Word.

God, we pray that Your Son Jesus will become a living reality for 

many. May He outshine all inferior belief systems and take center 

stage in people’s hearts as King, Lord and Savior.

Father, remove obstacles that threaten to impede their progress. 

O Prince of Peace, don’t let conflicts from within or without stand 

in the way of this mighty work.

The Sanga language group is forming a committee to oversee 

the project, select translators and set schedules. Local people 

are already coming alongside the work in practical ways — an 

indication of how strongly communities support Bible translation. 

A project leader will track progress after each workshop to 

ensure the translators are on target. Staff will provide computer 

instruction to help the team sharpen their skills and stay up to 


The Sanga translators will receive training at three workshops 

per year to complete Luke’s Gospel and the “JESUS” film in 

their language. Hopefully, good Internet connectivity will be 

available to allow remote communication between the team and 

consultants. A facilitator plans to visit the translators twice a year 

to assist them between workshops.

Village worship services are a promising venue for public reading 

of mother tongue Scripture. In the towns Bible use is less likely

but believers are confident they’ll find creative ways to introduce 

God’s Word in that setting. The hope is that all communities will 

heartily receive the Gospel of Luke and “JESUS” film, and people 

will experience transformation. By God’s grace, life change will 

include abandoning ethnic religion altogether and trusting the 

Lord for every material need.

The Challenge

How You Can Make a Difference

The Solution

Visit or call 1-866-663-8377 to join the team today.


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FINANCIAL INVESTMENT | Help bring the Sanga people Scripture 

they can understand. Your investment will give the Sanga 

churches the tools they need for personal spiritual enrichment as 

well as effective outreach to their people.

As an investor, you will help the Sanga translators receive training, 

equipment and a livelihood as they work to bring God’s Word to 

their people in their own language.

Call The Seed Company at 1-866-663-8377 or visit to make 

your commitment to the people of the Sanga region today.


With Us

Father, please endow the Sanga translators with divine power so everything they 

put their hands to will bear fruit and multiply.

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