Section: Reading Source Name: ‘The Food Miracle’

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Section: Reading

Source Name: ‘The Food Miracle’

  1. What accounts for 10% of World GDP?

    1. The iPhone logistics system

    2. Vehicle parts supply chain

    3. Delivery system of agricultural products to the consumers in edible form.

    4. Worldwide agricultural system

  2. T | F | NG

    1. Governments are the reason global food system has not collapsed but grown.

  3. When did the worst food crisis in the world take place?

    1. 1970s

    2. During the Great Depression

    3. In 2007-2008

    4. 1939-1945

  4. What does ‘… this could cause a tit-for-tat response…’ mean?

    1. In plain English

  5. Y | N | NG

    1. Food is a crucial part of national security.

  6. Name a plain synonym for ‘abattoir [ˈæbətwɑː]’

  7. Is protectionism good for global food system? [Why / Why not?]

  8. What does ingenuity refer to in the below sentence from the text?

    1. Markets, ingenuity and open borders have kept the world fed. Don’t take that for granted’ .

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